The Trump family drives American cars

US President Donald Trump's cars

Donald Trump recently described Volkswagen's 700 million investment to build e-cars at the VW plant in Chattanooga as a "great victory". The US president was apparently appeased by the efforts of the German auto giant to push electric car production in the US. A few weeks earlier, Trump had railed heavily against the German auto industry, threatening additional tariffs on imported cars. The US had been treated unfairly by international trading partners in the past, Trump justified the possible step. Mercedes served as a striking example. "America first" is the motto of the US President.

The American President likes to drive Mercedes

After the divorce in 1992, the car went to Trump's ex-wife Ivana.

That was obviously not the case when Trump was still a private person in the car. While today he is only chauffeured in state vehicles, at that time he had a preference for vehicles from Germany and Great Britain. For example for a Mercedes SLR McLaren from 2003. The powerful entrepreneur who is now the US President should also own a Rolls-Royce Phantom. His family doesn't just drive American cars either. For example, daughter Tiffany Trump owns a black Audi S5, son Donald Trump Jr. owns a red Toyota Land Cruiser from 1972, and there is a picture of daughter Ivanka and husband Jared in a Mercedes convertible from the late 1950s.

Trump-Benz in the German province

In addition, a wine-red Mercedes 560 SL built in 1987 by Donald Trump is for sale - at a vintage car dealer in the Baden province. According to the accompanying original documents, the R 107 series car belonged to the current US President Trump from 1987 to 1992. According to the newspaper DIE WELT, after the divorce in 1992, the Benz went to Trump's ex-wife Ivana, who apparently rarely drove the 230 hp V8 (odometer reading: the equivalent of 18,400 kilometers). In 2014 the vehicle went to an American dealer, who in turn sold it to Italy. The car has been in the yard of "BAZ Dreamcars" since September 2014. AUTO BILD shows the vehicles of the Trump family in the gallery!