What is a tier 1 online publisher

The new generation of publishing software!

With the publishing.one You simply create software yourself

Integrate social media content

Expand your magazine app with additional content from your company. RSS feeds, events and YouTube videos can be integrated in the news area of ​​the app.

Expand print subscriptions

You can offer your magazine issues for smartphones and tablets both free of charge as an add-on to your existing print subscription, as well as for individual or subscription purchase directly from your own app.

Read comfortably in the eReader

In reading mode, your content can be read like an eBook, completely detached from the static PDF layout. Your readers can easily switch between individually adjustable fonts and sizes.

Shopping on tablet and smartphone

Thanks to the catalog app, your customers can no longer just order your products from home, they can now also conveniently order your products on the go.

Branch / branch finder

Your customers can use the branch / branch finder to display the sales outlets in the vicinity, making it even easier for them to contact you: your users have all the information they need at a glance for a personal visit.

Access protection for B2B

To check whether a user is authorized to access certain issues or catalogs, the app can access an online login interface for verification.

Catalog shopping with buy it now

Your catalogs can be accessed online in all common browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. So your customers can shop in your catalog directly from their computer.

Influence purchase decision

Turn your classic catalog into a real sales talent! The interactive online catalog provides your customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision anytime, anywhere.

Multimedia enhancements

With additional product images as a picture gallery, additional data sheets for download and explanatory product videos, you create even greater added value for your customers and put your products in the limelight.

Create interactive ePaper

On the basis of your existing print data, you can offer your readers a lively reading experience that will inspire them with videos, audio files and picture galleries.

Your magazines are going digital

Your publications adapt to the screen size as digital ePaper in all common browsers and offer an optimal reading experience on every device.

Created in just a few steps

Create interactive ePapers in just a few steps. Import your PDF into the ePaper software, enrich your PDF with additional multimedia content and export your ePaper for all common browsers.

Multimedia flipbooks

With additional interactive content such as videos, audio files and picture galleries, you can create a multimedia reading experience that will delight your customers.

Easy to use

The infinitely adjustable zoom over the entire window area, the full text search and the table of contents offer your readers a comfortable reading experience.

Create your own quickly and easily

With the FlipBook software you can create digital FlipBooks in next to no time: easily, quickly and automatically based on your existing print data.

It's that easy to publish digitally on all channels

Based on your existing PDF and ePUB formats, you can convert them to the publishing.one Import software, enrich it with multimedia and then publish it with just a click of the mouse, on the web and as an app - online and mobile.


2 Enrich

3 Publish

The solution for your digital publications.

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App publishing

publishing.one offers you a simple and inexpensive entry into the world of digital publishing and app publishing. Reach your customers on devices that they always carry with them - their own smartphone and tablet under iOS and Android.

Browser publishing

With publishing.one Browser, you ensure an attractive reading experience for your print data on all relevant end devices in a cost-effective manner. Your content is displayed in the latest HTML5 technology and can be read on desktop computers as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Inspire readers

Whether in your own app or in your HTML5 publication in the browser: with multimedia, interactive content you will inspire your readers on all devices and make your publications even more attractive with picture galleries / slideshows, videos and audio clips.

Create and publish easily and quickly yourself

The publishing software from publishing.one prepares content according to your wishes and makes this publication available in the app stores or for integration on your own website - of course, highly automatically and without great effort.

Produce once - publish on all channels

With publishing.one you can optimize your content for all relevant platforms and devices - in a single step. No matter which device your reader is using - with publishing.one achieve an optimal presentation of your publications.

On all devices

With publishing.one It doesn't matter to you whether your customers use an iOS, an Android device, a Mac or a Windows computer. For each device and system, you receive your own display of your content, specially optimized for the end device - completely in the look and feel of your company!