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Aviation is suffering from the corona crisis. Is that also a crisis for flight schools?

Jens Küper (RWL): Every crisis in aviation also affects flight schools. However, we are always affected with a delay. Overall, I am of the opinion that a corona crisis will not fundamentally change economic growth, i.e. the need for passenger and cargo flights. At freight airports such as Leipzig, the number of flights by parcel services is currently extremely high. And every aircraft that is on the ground today will need trained pilots in the future to fly. This need will remain and the situation will normalize.


Aviation has already seen a number of downturns. How do you see the development this time?

Jens Küper (RWL): Yes, fluctuations are not unusual in aviation. The last time we saw how things go after a slump was after the financial crisis in 2008: the economy is normalizing, the number of flights is increasing again, and many pilots are quickly needed. Pilots were already in short supply before Corona, and if the current situation means that more pilots retire, it will be difficult to meet this demand quickly.


What sense does it make to start training to become a commercial pilot or a dual study program now?

Jens Küper (RWL): In fact, now is a very good time to start training or studying: the training to become a commercial pilot lasts 20-22 months, a dual degree for a Bachelor of Engineering in flight operations technology with commercial pilot training takes 4 years. And then the situation will likely look very different. Then those who have just started their training will have the edge. And, once you have decided to study, you will also have a second mainstay.


What advantages do you see especially in the current situation in the dual study program?

Jens Küper (RWL): All three dual courses of study in which we are partners interlink the Bachelor's degree with the training of commercial pilots. You acquire two qualifications and can then work as a traffic pilot - or as an engineer or business graduate in virtually all companies in the technology sector. This combination gives the graduates the necessary security for the future. Our Bachelor of Engineering in flight operations technology with air traffic pilot training at the FH Aachen is a regular engineering degree - you only acquire two qualifications and thus save time. Today, as always, the following applies: those who are better educated have more choices. And it's no secret that German industry urgently needs engineers.


Which inclinations and which skills should one have?

Jens Küper (RWL): Training to become a commercial pilot is an investment, and for that you should have already dealt with your future profession. It is important to have an affinity for flying: that is the motivation and enthusiasm that you need to process a lot of material in a short amount of time. This applies to training and especially to studies. As with all big life decisions, you should check whether it fits your personality in the long term.


How can you find out more about training in the current situation?

Jens Küper (RWL): First information is available on our website or on the websites of the partner universities. Paid training is above all a matter of trust, which is why it is important to us that everyone can get a personal picture. To this end, we offer an information day approximately every two months and the opportunity to talk to schoolchildren. Individual consultations online or in person can also be booked. Of course, we will also be represented at the AERO Friedrichshafen trade fair from July 14-17, 21 and will take part in other professional fairs as soon as they are offered again. We are of course always available by phone for questions and are available to provide advice and assistance.


Which criteria should one consider when choosing a flight school?

Jens Küper (RWL): During training and studies, you spend a lot of time on site: how well is the team there and working together, what is the planning competence of the flight school? What are the qualifications of the teachers or lecturers, and how well do you react to changes in the plan so that the tight schedule can be adhered to? These important questions should be asked and ideally discussed with current students. That is why our information days or information talks take place during normal operation and include a guided tour: interested parties can get their own picture and obtain information.

Note: Faculty 6 Aerospace Technology at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences is currently cooperating with three flight schools for the dual course Bachelor of Engineering in flight operations technology with training for commercial pilots:

RWL German Flight Academy GmbH (

FFL Technical School for Air Vehicle Drivers GmbH (

TFC - German Flight Camp (

Information on the dual course in flight operations technology with air traffic pilot training is available at If you have any questions about the course of study or how to apply, please contact the course coordinator: bachelor-fb6 (at)

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