What makes a face look good

Skin: Look younger with a few little tricks - in 15 minutes

In the morning in particular, many women want to look young and fresh, ideally in the shortest possible time. Do you think this is impossible? Far from it: with the right care and a few simple tricks, small blemishes can be skilfully concealed.

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Look fresher in 15 minutes

First the circulation has to get going. Dip your forearms and face in cold water. This not only wakes you up, but also stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. This makes the complexion appear much fresher. Water is now also required from the inside: drink a large glass of water before you reach for coffee, which is a stimulant. So the water reservoirs are replenished.

The skin needs moisture

Body lotions and face creams with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, algae extract or glycerine provide a quick energy boost for the skin. All ingredients have one thing in common: They contain a lot of moisture and invigorate the skin. Another positive effect is that the care substances plump up small creases. Your face will look fresher and younger in just a few minutes.

Peeling makes gray skin fresh again

If an ordinary shower is not enough, shower gel with essential oils such as mint or eucalyptus quickly awakens the spirits. A peeling also rubs off dead skin - the gray tinge of the skin disappears. But only use gentle, not too coarse-grained peeling products, otherwise the skin will be unnecessarily irritated. A subsequent mask soothes the skin and provides moisture.

Cheat away wrinkles with concealer

Unfortunately, wrinkles and sagging skin cannot simply be magically removed, but they can be masked with a few make-up tricks. The most important helper for wrinkles or dark circles is the concealer. It is important that the color of the concealer is about two shades lighter than your primer, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect. Wherever there are shadows on the face, such as under the eyes and in the folds between the nose and mouth, the concealer must be applied.

By the way, the following trick helps against reddened eyes: gently pull the outer corners of the eyelids outwards with your index finger and blink vigorously a few times.

Rouge ensures a radiant face

For an even complexion, spread powder in the same skin tone from the center of the face outwards. To finish off and for a radiant face, apply a blush in rosé or apricot to your cheeks.

Use care products with vitamin C.

If you want to do something against premature skin aging, care products with vitamins and natural acids are ideal. Vitamin A is said to stimulate the skin to renew itself regularly. Overall, the complexion appears finer and therefore younger. Vitamin C is said to boost the skin's collagen production. This is important for moisture retention.

You can also do anti-wrinkle care from within by always drinking enough water. Two liters a day is ideal.

Avoid sins of beauty

Smoking, exhaust fumes, alcohol and extensive sunbathing attack the skin. With every puff on a cigarette, the body absorbs over a thousand free radicals that destroy skin and connective tissue cells.

Another sin: go to bed without removing make-up and night care. The skin needs to regenerate, especially at night, and cannot tolerate dirt that clogs the sebum glands. In the worst case, you wake up in the morning with nasty pimples.