How do employment agencies work

Private employment agency

Costs and financing options

The costs for a private employment agency are contractually agreed between you and your agent. The costs for a private job placement (placement remuneration) without funding from the employment agency / job center are usually a gross monthly salary, but a maximum of 2000 euros.

You can either pay the costs yourself or ask your placement specialist at the employment agency / your integration specialist at the job center whether funding is possible with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS). Under certain conditions, the costs for a successful placement in an employment relationship subject to insurance can be covered by an AVGS of the employment agency / job center.

If you pay the agency fee yourself, the amount will only be due when the contract is concluded with a company and the employment relationship is subject to insurance.

If the successful placement is financed through an AVGS, the private employment agency will receive the money on request directly from your employment agency or your job center after 6 weeks of uninterrupted employment.

Good to know: If you bear the costs yourself, you can claim them as income-related expenses in your annual tax return.