What party is for life

Party for seniors

How can you imagine an Oll Inclusive event?

The agency is called Oll Inklusiv, half board is the regular event that takes place once a month in various Hamburg clubs. The process is usually divided into three parts: First there is a reading, concert or game. In the second part we do a music bingo and then the chairs are moved to the side and there is dancing. I then put on: boogie, funk, soul, rock'n'roll - modern music, no clumsy hits. Of course there is really a lot of wrestling!

The other format is half-board excursions. I use my network or we are invited - for example to comedy shows, musicals, rap concerts, to the football stadium or to readings. This summer we're going to Wacken (Heavy Metal Festival, editor's note) and will also be given a guided tour there. It is important to me to always incorporate art, culture, music and sport.

How did the idea for the project come about?

I'm basically just an activist - if a rubbish bin is on fire somewhere in the pedestrian zone, I don't go by, but get water and put it out. Five years ago I suffered from burnout and thought about what do you even want to do? I was career-driven and now I wanted to do something meaningful and give something back to society. Then I did internships in senior citizens' residences to see where I like it and where I'm headed. I've thought about it - music, cultural management, I'm pretty good at that. I really like old people - so I put everything in the mixer, shook it and poured it into the glass - this cocktail is now called “Oll Inclusive”.

You can read the complete interview in Eva Hasel's article in the online edition of LEBENLANG.