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Acquisition / recognition of Italian NATIONALITY

The interview in this department takes place after an online appointment is made (Prenota "online").

The issue of citizenship and related procedures, which in some cases also involve the Ministry of the Interior (acquisition of citizenship through marriage), are very complex.
Therefore, in the interest of the applicant, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that an appointment (online) for the
to arrange a personal interview for a detailed consultation, as this must be issued in accordance with Italian law.

The Citizenship Department accepts applications for the acquisition or recognition of Italian citizenship and, if necessary, certifies possession of Italian citizenship.

1) Acquisition of Italian citizenship (naturalization) by a foreign citizen who is an Italian citizen or by a foreign citizen who is married to an Italian citizen

Requirements for the application:
- the Italian spouse must be duly registered in the register of Italians living abroad (= AIRE register);
- the couple must live in the district of the Italian Consulate General in Stuttgart;
- the marriage must already be registered with the Italian reference parish;
- the marriage must still exist (i.e. neither the death of one of the spouses nor the dissolution, annulment or termination of the civil law effects of the marriage must have taken place and there must be no personal separation between the spouses).


With Act No. 132 of December 1, 2018 (in force since December 4, 2018), Art. 9.1 was introduced into Act No. 91 of February 5, 1992.

This provision provides for the acquisition of Italian citizenship, according to Art. 5 (by marriage) and Art. 9 of the above-mentioned law, to have an adequate command of the Italian language, according to language level B1 of the European Framework of Reference.

These language skills must be proven by obtaining one of the following certificates:

- a certificate awarded by a public or equal educational institution, or

- a certificate issued by a certification body that is currently part of the CLIQ (Certificazione Lingua Italiana di Qualità) certification system:

- University of Siena for foreign students
- University for foreign students of Perugia
- Roma Tre University
- Società Dante Alighieri

Level B1 certificates issued by these bodies, possibly in cooperation with local cultural institutes abroad, are also recognized.

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2) Recognition of Italian citizenship:
The processing of the application for recognition or the so-called recognition of Italian citizenship is linked to the payment of a consular fee of 300 Euro.

This affects ALL people over 18 years of age who, regardless of their motives, have the "recognition" of Italian
Applying for citizenship (primarily "jure sanguinis", but also for other reasons such as "ope legis": ie by marriage in the case of a foreign citizen who is married to an Italian citizen whose marriage date is before 04/27/1983 and has been before has not yet been identified by an Italian travel document, or "iuris comunicatione" if recognition of citizenship takes place on reaching the age of majority)

The so-called recognition of citizenship is to be carried out if the rights and obligations associated with the possession of the Italian citizenship, such as the submission of civil documents and notification of changes in civil status data, have not been exercised for a long time.



A deadline of 730 days (two years) from the date of application has been set for processing the JURE SANGUINIS recognition procedure for citizens who have another JURE SOLI nationality and come from countries such as North and South America or Australia.


For citizenship retention requests for citizens born to an Italian parent and a parent of another nationality (so-called "retention requests"), the deadline for defining the procedure is 730 days (two years).

It is advisable to make an appointment online before obtaining the documents in order to obtain the necessary information in the formally correct form.

3) Application form for the issue of a certificate of possession of Italian citizenship (for Italian citizens who submit such an application directly to the local consular office or by post, enclosing a copy of a valid identification document and a prepaid envelope for sending the certificate to the home address)

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