Watching cricket can change your life

When the salary is barely enough to live on

When the salary is barely enough to live on

take care of someone - here: care for someone; give someone what they need in terms of help

document something - here: observe something and write down what happened

Geriatric nurse / geriatric nurse - someone who professionally looks after the elderly

frail - so that someone is old and weak and can get sick quickly

Supporting leg, -e (n.) - here: one of several activities with which one earns the money to live

Multi-jobber / multi-jobber - someone who has multiple jobs

give a course - teaching

Physical education (m., Singular only) - the lessons in which you do certain sports exercises with or without sports equipment

make ends meet - colloquial for: have enough money to live on

needy - so that you need help

Seniors - the old man

Insulin syringe, -n (f.) - a syringe with the substance insulin (a hormone) given to certain sick people (diabetics) so that the body can process sugar

mobile - here: in such a way that you drive home to people

asked - here: so that many people want it

than ever - (more) than before; (more) than ever before

strike - not working for some time in order to get what you want from your employer (e.g. a higher salary)

to enforce something - here: achieve that something that you want is done

look around | for something - here: looking for something

stagnate - do not change; stay the same; do not increase / grow any further

Wealthy, -n (m./f.) - someone who has a fair amount of money

to think about something - to think about something

get along with little - here: live on little money

huge - colloquial for: very large

in one piece - here: without a break; behind each other

toil - colloquial for: work very hard

Burden, -en (f.) - here: something that is very difficult for someone and gives them physical or psychological problems

social recognition (f., singular only) - the fact that someone is universally praised and respected for what they do; the high public reputation

Belly dance (m., Singular only) - a dance in which you move your hips and stomach very strongly

Passion, -en (f.) - here: something that one likes to do; a hobby

to live out something - do what you always wanted to do

to put something back | - here: put something aside; save something

being able to live on something just like that - have just enough that it is enough to live, but not more

in vain - without success

Price range, -n (f.) - a certain amount of the price

to appreciate something / someone - rate something / someone as important

to stand up for someone - get involved with someone; support someone

ran | must - here: have to work

to get along with something - colloquial for: to create something; be able to handle something

meanwhile - today; meanwhile; after some time has passed

Permanent position (f.) - the fact that someone has an employment contract with a fixed salary and without a fixed end