Is it easy to write a script


Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Steven King have one thing in common. They attribute their success to successful scripts. Because they think visionary, have imagination and dare to step out of the middle. Many of her films were even better than the original books, according to critics.

You can make the best product, hire the best advertising agency, hire the best video editor or explanatory film producer to do it - if the script doesn't get the exact message you want, your video will go under.
In addition, the content must be inspiring, crisp, short and unique.

Many dream of an explanatory video that spreads like wildfire with a viral effect and reaches millions of clicks and views. But it's not easy - there is often a well-considered concept and script behind it.
However, implementation does not have to be expensive. But it takes a good foundation.

Therefore, here are a few good tips that you should consider when producing a video. To create a video that will grab attention, get more conversions, and ultimately increase your sales.

7 tips for a successful explanatory video script


1. Allow yourself to be funny and warm

Even when it comes to business: the best thing to do is to pick up your customers where they feel most comfortable; in their comfort zone and their own environment. There where they can be funny and relaxed and where they are treated lovingly. This is exactly where you can attract the attention of your customers with your product or your brand through emotions and humor.

EDEKA, for example, has relied on meaningful videos that are sometimes funny, sometimes lovable and sometimes inspiring. And always packed in a nice package: For example your EATKARUS marketing video.


2. Hold the video briefly

In times of information overload, it is difficult for us to dwell on topics and articles for longer. You get overwhelmed, so you wander through the articles, headlines and headlines. TV is first zapped through before deciding on a show or channel. It is therefore important to keep the content short but crisp. And by starting with a joke, trigger, anecdote, or inviting phrase, you should catch the target audience right from the start.

Because the first 8 seconds of the video are important and decisive whether the viewer continues to watch the video. If it's too long, customers run the risk of dropping out. Because they are not prepared and do not have time to watch such long videos. If you only end up asking for action or terminating your product, you have most likely already lost those customers.

See how the Danto company explains itself in just under 30 seconds.


3. Communicate with the target audience

You meet your customer in their social environment. So use his language and his wording too. Integrate picture worlds that correspond to its environment. If you want to address farmers on the alpine pasture, the main characters should also be on the mountain or in a similar environment. You can also talk to you as if you were a friend on an equal footing. Try to create a dialogue, for example through rhetorical questions or prompts. Also show that you understand customers' problems. Bring compassion and understanding.


4. Tell a story

Storytelling is nothing new in marketing, but it is still a supreme discipline among marketers. Once you have wrapped your message in a story, the characters and action will help the customer keep your product in their head and anchor it in their brain for the long term. Characters and emotions strengthen the memories and subconsciously connect your product with certain scenes in your everyday life.


5. Stick to the main facts

You want to tell a lot and everything in a few minutes. But we have to be brief. It is therefore important that the content of the product video or company film contains the most important facts. Make a list of the most meaningful messages that you want to get across with the video and reduce them to the minimum. Integrated into stories or built into clear diagrams, you can better underline and highlight your most important facts.


6. Call-to-action at the end

Don't forget to include a CTA (Call-To-Action) at the end. An invitation to your viewers to remain in interaction or dialogue with you. You can use this video to keep the customer in the communication loop with you. A clear and direct prompt is therefore important. This can be, for example:

1. “Visit our website for more information!
2. “Contact us today!
3. “Do you want to be more successful too? Then get your tailor-made offer today!


7. Scripts should be written by experts

You have no previous experience writing scripts and texts? Then let it be better. Hire a scriptwriter who specializes in this. You save the additional costs when writing the script - or at the very latest when it comes to the result and subsequent success of the video.


If you use a unique screenplay and video script to create a video that is popular and shared virally or is so meaningful on your website alone that it achieves a high conversion rate, then you will be