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Some people are frightened when they suddenly hear a crack that seems to come from the back of their necks. Our spine specialist Dr. Schneiderhan explains what it is all about, whether grinding the neck is dangerous and what needs to be done now.

Where does the crack in the neck come from?

Slight cracking noises in the neck are usually harmless and normal. They can radiate to the back of the head. The cracking occurs when the small vertebral joints shift, creating a slight negative pressure. Unless there has been an injury in this area in the past, the cracking usually does not indicate instability.

The cracking in the neck can also be related to tension. Blockages in the cervical spine ensure that the tense straps in the neck area stretch, creating a pooping noise. But it can also be that a jerky movement is to blame. It ensures that carbon dioxide bubbles burst and produce the cracking sound.

When to the doctor

You should pay attention if the cracking in the cervical spine is accompanied by pain, tingling or numbness. In this case, you should see a doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition such as a herniated disc.

Why is the neck crunching?

A crunch in the neck, which sounds like sand and occurs when turning your head, often has other causes. The crunch in the neck and head indicates cartilage wear and joint wear in the cervical spine. Damage to the intervertebral discs can cause the cartilage surfaces to wear out. The crunch in the cervical spine occurs when bones rub against bones. The sandy sound of turning your head could therefore be an indication that your neck needs movement. If the crunch in the neck is accompanied by a headache, you should see a doctor.

What to do if there is a crunch in the neck

To avoid further wear and tear, it makes sense to strengthen the neck muscles with exercises. A physiotherapist can show you exercises that are recommended for crunching the neck and which counteract degeneration. Also make sure that you bring more exercise into your everyday life in general. Especially when you spend eight hours in front of the PC every day.

Sitting rigidly in the office sooner or later often leads to back or neck problems. Our spine specialist Dr. Schneiderhan:

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Can a crunch in the neck lead to a stroke?

In 2019, a report from America caused a sensation: A man had to be hospitalized because he wanted to relax his neck with a crack in his neck. The movement was so violent that some arteries ruptured and the man suffered a stroke. This case is to be regarded as an absolute exception. When stretching your neck vigorously, be careful not to twist it, just move it sideways.

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