Why can't I find inner peace

4 ways to find inner peace

The inner peace find - that sounds like a pretty serious matter. To the State of true serenity and contentment To achieve this, you have to focus your entire attention on one thing: the current moment - and that is exactly what most people find very difficult. Are you really fully present while reading this article, or? your thoughts wander elsewhere? Are you thinking about your to-do list? Or about a deadline, an appointment, or what you should cook tonight?

Has it ever happened to you that you dealt with the Have driven your car safely somewhere and then wondered how you got there in the first placebecause your thoughts were elsewhere? The first step towards inner peace is to accept that sometimes one is quite headless and unfocused. You can only change what you are aware of. We explain how:

1. Clean up your life

The important things first: First clean up. In the true as well as figurative sense. Go through your schedule and make sure you have your appointments for the next two weeks in mind. Think about what yours aims and what exactly you want to change in yours and write it down. Which of these things is a priority? Health? Family? A specific project? Knowing about all of these things will reduce stress and calm you down. If you have a plan, you can put it into practice piece by piece.

2. Breathe more consciously

So obvious and yet so often forgotten. Deep and conscious breathing triggers a relaxation reaction in the brain, slows the heartbeat, relaxes the muscles, calms our nerves and strengthens the immune system. Breathe in and out through your nose - into your stomach, not your chest as is often the case. The exhalation should be a little longer than the inhalation. Whether you missed your train or your boss is taking out his bad mood on you, stress stands in the way of inner peace. Make breathing a tool that you always have at hand. Being aware of your body and regulating your breathing has a great impact on our thoughts and feelings.

3. Be vigilant in everything you do

Whether you eat, walk, breathe, or smell: do everything consciously. This is probably not your first time hearing this, but have you really tried it before? Through the conscious experience you bring yourself and your senses into harmony. Does that all sound little concrete? Here's an example: the next time you indulge in a chocolate bar, don't just eat it up. Look at the chocolate, smell it, notice how your mouth is watering. Take a bite and pay attention to all the flavors. Is it salty? Creamy? Fruity? How do you feel? Become fully aware of what you are tasting and what you are feeling.

4. Be positive

Better said than done. But once you know that negative thoughts produce a variety of undesirable physical reactions (from high blood pressure to digestive problems) "positive thinking" no longer just a way to achieve inner peace, but also to stay healthy - or to become. Consciously focus on positive feelings such as gratitude, hope, anticipation, pride, and inspiration. Listen to music that will put you in a good mood. Read books that inspire you. Enroll in a class at the gym that you enjoy and feel the endorphins rush through your body. If possible, stop working in the evening and find time to rest - your body and mind will be grateful to you.