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California - Abstract English

California is a land of contrasts. The highest mountain (Mount Whitney, 4,418 meters) is only a few kilometers from the lowest point in the western hemisphere, the Death Valley (Death Valley, 86 meters below sea level). The highest temperature (56.7 ° C) ever recorded in the USA was also recorded there.

Only the south of California is that hot, the north is cooler and San Francisco has a mild climate.

There are many national parks, such as Yosemite or Redwood. The oldest tree can be found in Sequoia National Park (General Sherman 86 meters high). The oldest living thing, a pine tree that is over 4,600 years old, can be found in the Inyo National Forest.

In California there is the most fertile valley on earth. Cotton, sugar beet, barley, wheat, rice, fruit, wine and vegetables are grown there. The biggest problem in California is the lack of water and air pollution in the big cities.

In 1906 there was the largest earthquake in San Francisco that destroyed much of the city. 1989 was the last great quake to this day. For the scientists, it is only a matter of time before the earth shakes again, because the city is very close to the St. Andreas Graben.

California was annexed to US territory in 1847. On January 24th, 1848 gold was discovered at the "Sutter Mühle". That was the trigger for the gold rush. Many people came to California to find happiness.

California became a US state in 1850. Despite the Great Depression, famous bridges were opened in San Francisco in 1936/37.

In 1945, 50 countries signed the United Nations Charter in San Francisco.

California has been the most populous state in the United States since 1963.

In 1984 Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympics.

Today, California is best known for its computers and film industries.

Presentation in English

NicknameGolden State
surface442,002 km²
Cities (with suburbs)Los Angeles 4,157,377
San Diego 3,051,280
San Francisco 4,157,377
mottoEureka (I've got it.)
  • Flower (gold poppy)
  • Tree (redwood)
  • Bird (valley quail)
  • Animal (grizzly bear)
  • Fish (trout)
  • Mineral (gold)
  • Colors (blue and gold)
  • Song "I Love You California"
Minimum age to drive a car18
Minimum age to marry18
death penaltyyes, gas