Who is Naruto's father

The four Hokage!

All five elements were going insane on the battlefield. A message suddenly came through in my head. "You will now follow exactly these instructions and erect an earth wall. Except those that have the element earth.", Shikamaru said. So an earth wall?

Kaijuu. We are going to create a very thick and strong Erwall, but for that I need something from your chakra.

Of course, Hina.

I quickly began to make finger marks and created a thick earth wall behind the entire earth wall. It was exhausting to keep her upright, but if that could help. "You can do the Hina.", It came from the left, where my brother was sitting, who is being healed by Sakura. I started to smile. It's definitely worth fighting for. All of my chakra that I still had, I directed into the earth wall. The bijuu ball came closer and closer and finally broke through my wall, whereupon I collapsed. "Hina!" Shouted my brother. I started smiling again and looked at Naruto. "Everything OK." I looked forward again, but just as I was doing that, the bijuu ball disappeared and my father appeared in front of me ... My father ?! I made big eyes. He had died then. "I'm Minato Namikaze. Prepare for an explosion. I diverted the bijuu ball to the sea." As he said that, there was strong air pressure behind us and I fell forward. After a few seconds it was over again. My father turned to us. "Thanks for healing my son. Are you ... his girlfriend?" He asked, looking a bit funny. "Um ... Yes. You could say that.", Naruto lied to our father, for which he was given a headbutt. I had to grin. Minato just looked puzzled. I still looked at my resuscitated father in disbelief.

How can it be that he's here?

Edo Tensei.

Then he turned his gaze to me. "You grew up, Hina.", He said and smiled, which also made me smile. Suddenly the third Hokage appeared next to my father and then the second and also the first Hokage. Good gracious. Is today the big meeting of the Hokage? The Hokage said they would support us in the war. I got up again and then Madara appeared. He seemed happy to see the first Hokage. Pure sarcasm. "Naruto!" Said my father. Naruto immediately turned his head to him. "Your friend will be here soon, but just take a rest." Then he turned around again. Did he mean Sasuke by friend? Oh whatever. I got up further and stood next to my father, who was now starting to shine like Naruto did before. My father was still staring at the bijuu and talking. "Take care of yourself Hina." Shortly afterwards, he and the other three Hokage were gone. "I will make." I watched the four now as they erected a barrier around the Juubi and thus had it firmly in the fence.

Majus point of view

I ran to the battlefield and looked for Hina, which I found very soon. She stood there with a few other fighters. Our brother too. I immediately picked up my sword and ran towards her. Hina turned around fast enough, however, and my sword hit her kunai. "That's fig.", Hina said and looked at me with hatred. "No. That was just our plan," I said. She looked at me confused, but then we were pulled into a hole. When we came back I was sliding on my side and lying on a rock or something. Immediately I raised my head again and saw Hina lying a little further away from me. Tobi had really brought us here, as we discussed and as discussed, I'll kill Hina. I immediately took my sword again and had it ready. Hina got up slowly, too, with her hair falling straight into her face.

Hina's view

I slowly got up from the floor. My hair slipped into my face. I look around. Where was I? "Surprised to be here? Tobi and I have discussed this so that we can fight in peace. So come on or are you scared?"

We are and have never been scared!