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Loss of quality - watch out for WhatsApp photos

If you want to create beautiful pictures, then it is better not to use WhatsApp photos

In a nutshell, if you want high quality recordings, you should prefer not to use WhatsApp photos. The application allows you to take pictures, but the quality is far below that offered by the classic photo applications. To take pictures with WhatsApp, open the application and then tap on the small camera symbol in the lower right corner of the picture next to the input field. As a result, the user interface for your camera opens. The interface looks relatively similar to that of the photo applications. The release button and the selfie symbol are, for example, in the same place as on iOS - in the lower center and lower right of the display. The operation is largely carried out intuitive.

In the event that you just want to take a quick photo and then send it, the WhatsApp method is always sufficient. However, if you want to take beautiful pictures and you happen to be in WhatsApp, you should definitely change the application and go to the photo app. Note: The camera with which you take pictures is of course the same in both cases (i.e. in WhatsApp or outside the application). The difference lies primarily in the software of the respective apps. The advantages of traditional photo applications are obvious here. To what extent WhatsApp and the camera applications of Android and iOS differ from each other, we will tell you below.

WhatsApp photos are taken in a narrower format

You may already have noticed that when you take photos with WhatsApp, they are in a different format than those taken with the Camera app. The messenger uses 16: 9 by default. This format is usually an aspect ratio that is particularly used for landscape shots due to its narrow proportions. That means: In principle, the format is used for horizontal photography. Whenever you want to depict a lot of surroundings in a photo, this format is ideal.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp uses it 16: 9 even with recordings that are made in portrait mode. Many of the pictures created spontaneously with WhatsApp are in portrait format, which is due not least to the time pressure under which numerous WhatsApp photos are created. This vertical format does not show a lot of surroundings, but is often enough to quickly capture and send the most important things. Since many users tend to use the portrait format in the short time available, WhatsApp decided to set 16: 9 as the standard proportion. In this way, a lot fits on a picture, at least in height.

Conversely, this means for you that is less visible on the sides on vertically taken pictures. A standard format used in iOS and Android photo apps, on the other hand, is 4: 3. With this aspect ratio, the images are less narrow and more wide. In numbers, this means 1200 x 1600 (photo app) instead of 901 x 1600 pixels (WhatsApp). If you take photos in WhatsApp, you should know that less fits the picture here than in the classic photo app.