How much do methodists tithe?


Susanne Schwandke looks at tithe through the eyes of the community treasurer:

As children we should learn how to handle money. I can use my pocket money as I want. Nobody demands an account from me. I alone decide what is so important to me that I am willing to give up my money for it. This sometimes leads to a lack of understanding among parents. The only restriction remains: I cannot spend more than I have.

I also have to manage the money I have earned myself. There are costs for rent, energy, water, food, clothing - and then maybe a nice vacation? Or I want to afford something, so I save something; although - with the interest!

And then tithe?
What for?

We as a church also need something as mundane as money. Pastor salaries, expenses for church building, social projects, support for the worldwide mission or for people who urgently need our help must be paid for.

As treasurer, I try to live up to the obligations of church life with the funds entrusted to me. This is an annual balancing act in a time when the congregation is shrinking and expenditure is often increasing. That is why I am grateful for every amount that goes into the community account.

But I think if we only look at this aspect, we have forgotten the essentials. We can and should use our money, but not out of coercion, but out of love for our fellow human beings.
Because God first loved us, created us as we are and what we have. He deserves our praise, thanks and our adoration: 100%.

Then maybe at some point we will come to the insight: It is not money that rules the world, but mine and our creators!

Susanne Schwandke

Generosity with consequences

"Bring the full tithes to my storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and test me with this, says the Lord of hosts, whether I will not then open the windows of heaven for you and pour down the abundance of blessings." 10)

"Do you have to pay church tax in your church?" This is what I am sometimes asked. Of course, my answer to this question is: "No." "Nevertheless," I often add, "some people give more than if they had to pay church tax." Because many have recognized for themselves: the way I participate Handling my money is part of my spiritual life.
The question of how much money I give for something also has to do with my relationship with God. In this relationship, generosity in giving can be an expression of gratitude and trust.

When the prophet Malachi mentions tithing in God's name, it becomes clear that there was a temple tax in the time of this prophet. For a whole tribe of the people of Israel, namely the tribe of the Levites, was entrusted with carrying out the temple service. Because this tribe did not have their own land, they relied on the population of the remaining eleven tribes to provide a tenth of their income for temple service for a living.

However, many contemporaries of the Prophet Malachi tried to limit their contribution to the temple to the minimum by taking excessive advantage of the exception rules for the temple tax. At the same time they bring as a lament before God that they miss God's gracious action amid the pressures of their time.

Malachi then, in the name of God, calls his contemporaries to do some kind of experiment. He invites you to try what happens when you are more generous yourself when it comes to honoring and serving God. Certainly you will then be all the more open to the grace of God - and experience the fullness of this grace all the more.

Evidently God's grace can be better received with hands that are generously open to giving than with hands that are willing to give as little as possible for God and for other people!

In this I see the message for you and me as well: Practicing generosity can help to become more open to the fullness of God's grace.
I wish you and me to have this experience again or maybe for the first time!

Warm regards to you
Your pastor
Marco Alferink

Found objects

"Get as much as you can,
save as much as you can
give as much as you can! "

(John Wesley)

»Bountiful get richer
the curmudgeon saves himself poor.
(Proverbs 11:24 - Good News Bible)

“You don't get a reward in the
Heaven for what you put back
but for what you hand out.
Every pound you put on the earthly
Bank is lost, it brings
above no interest. But every pound
that you give to the poor is in the
heavenly bench laid out. It will
Bring great interest that translates into
increase in eternity. "

(John Wesley)