What is millionaire line in palmistry

Where is the line of wealth? Palmistry - the line of wealth, happiness and success

Palmistry is one of the oldest types of fortune telling, fortune telling. With the help of this science it is possible to determine the past and the future, the character and characteristics of a person, his abilities and vices. In particular, palmistry teaches how to read the lines of wealth on hand because we are not the first, nor the last, to be tormented by curiosity as to whether wealth and abundance will come to life and when to expect them.

Where to look for wealth in the palm of your hand?

In principle, a large number of lines in the palm of your hand indicate wealth, or rather what, in theory, is your chance to get rich (don't forget that divination gives an answer to the possibilities, but we don't always fully realize them). Such an abundance of signs of prosperity is explained by the fact that a person's well-being depends on many factors:

  • from the spirit (line of spirit);
  • from health (health line, mercury);
  • from fate (line of fate, Saturn);
  • of happiness (line of happiness).

Hence, all of the above lines in palmistry speak of wealth, luck and success.

Line of Fate, Saturn:

  • when it comes to the index finger, it speaks of great opportunities for social and material growth.
  • all branches from the line of fate towards the index finger also favor financial development.
  • if the line of fate has branched to the ring finger, it means that a person is naturally lucky, and all his ambitions can be fulfilled.

Health line, mercury:

  • when the health line is double, it means that a person can succeed in many different areas of activity and also has a dynamic mind.
  • if the line of Mercury begins with the line of fate, the chance of success is very high.


  • branches from the line of life upwards - to success;
  • branch at the very beginning of the line - to self-confidence and your strengths.

Line of thought:

  • the mind-to-pinky branch speaks of a penchant for risky commercial operations as well as good entrepreneurship.
  • offshoot to the index finger - to high social achievements.
Where do you find the line of wealth on hand?

But alongside all of these lines there is a separate line for wealth and success.

The fortune line consists of two lines - destiny and head (spirit). It's a line that connects these two lines to form a triangle. When the triangle is closed, it means that money is not only coming into your life, but also accumulating.

If you are guessing by hand that the line of wealth is broken or not fully connected to the lines of spirit and destiny, then there is a "hole" in your life that accepts all money, no matter how big it is.

And if the line of wealth, that is, the triangle itself, is on the hill of Apollo, then money will be earned solely by your skills and talents (that is, you should not expect to receive a great inheritance suddenly).

Money triangle on hand photo

Money triangle On hand in palmistry, it is certainly seen as a good sign of that Property symbol and prosperity in life that is in the center of the palm of your hand. Two characters in ancient Roman mythology are associated with money - Saturn and Mercury. The ancient Romans kept their treasury in the Temple of Saturn, and Mercury is the patron saint of trade. It is no secret that in the modern world almost everything decides about money, and most likely everyone is interested in knowing what fate awaits them, with or without money. Sometimes curiosity is so tormenting that people resort to divination through the lines on the hand and the signs money or wealthand want to know whether life will be rich or poor. How much material and monetary dependency does a person need and feel in life - and whether it is easy or with great difficulty, a person will earn money, can be determined in chirology by the triangle of money on the hand and other signs of the palm.

So that there are no unnecessary questions - and did you know which hand to look at the money triangle, the right or the left hand? - We'll answer at last. A mark that is considered a mark of wealth, and is a possible celebrity and celebrity that is never accompanied by no money triangle on the right... If there are signs of wealth on both hands - this is a purpose or, say, not a bad life - you already know what the triangle in your palm means, but the triangle of money is in a large triangle in the area of the hand, which should not be confused with other similar signs.

As shown in the example of a photo of a picture, money triangle, is formed on the hand from the main lines of the hand - the line of the head and the line of fate. If, according to Destiny, a person is destined to make a relatively large amount of money, then the reflection will certainly take place on two hands. It is clear that it is impossible to achieve prosperity in life or great wealth without mental exertion and sometimes even simple luck and happiness in destiny, so the main sides of the triangle are the main lines of the hand. A completely different meaning and the opposite or sign of ruin on hand is an island on the line of fate, this is a sign of financial difficulties in a person's life. A very promising sign will be the palm triangle, which is safely closed and quite large. In the photo you can see a big money triangle on the right and it's closed, this is a good sign.

The closed triangle predicts to the owner of the hand that money and acquired wealth will not only be saved, but also constantly multiply, and the size will indicate the size of the state. However, it should be made clear that a big triangle doesn't always mean millions of money and huge fortunes. The fact is that we are talking about the inherent proportionality of money - that is, it can mean that for a certain person in fate this money is considered large and he is satisfied with his condition. For some people even a million is not money, but for other people a relatively small amount of money at this stage of development can be viewed as a great accomplishment and prosperity, which makes it possible to fully meet the needs of an individual.

When at hand money sign is not closed, or there is an open side of the triangle or a gap in the line, then it is in this "hole" that money runs away, this is a sign that indicates a gradual waste of capital or money becomes money not saved, maybe they are earned enough, but at the same time they are spent quite intensively. In addition, for the arrival of money or the sphere a person is in and from which the income comes, well-being, that is, money, can be traced along additional secondary lines. These are branches that extend laterally from the line of life or line of fate to the tubercles.

If such a line or a small branch goes to the index finger or ends on the hill of Jupiter, it means that over time a person achieves his success, makes a career and, thanks to his own ambitions and the ability to attract the attention of others, Earned money. And this is not just about fame and universal recognition, but usually also about not a little money. If such a line ends at the hill of Saturn, then money will come to a person through hard monotonous work. When the line of material ascension ends on the hill of Apollo (sun), it means that a person is being helped to acquire it money and wealth his advanced skills and good talent. If such a line ends under the little finger on the tubercle of Mercury, it means that a person is making money in trade or in scientific activities.

Easy money at hand

Fortune and wealth Although not often, but it can still be inherited or in some other profit option that should not be written off, which is also considered easy money and a sign of material well-being, wealth that you do not have to work hard for. They are represented on the hand by small squares that are located on the inside of the line of life. Thus the line of life forms one of the sides of this square, and commonly such an easy money sign is called a triangle, but in fact it is just an adjacent "square" and the missing part of the diagon of it is the line of life.

At the position of the square on the line you can determine the time or date of the win. Triangles of cash prizes are fairly rare, and most of the signs could mean inheritance of a property or some significant, expensive "gift" from fate. A gift of fate and as a sign of material upswing can be a successful marriage or marriage, which can be predicted by analyzing the existing marriage lines. These are signs that reflect the number of marriages in a person's life and the length of relationships.

Money tokens at hand

Even if you look at the hands of rich people, then it is not always in the palm of your hand, you can find a money triangle or some other sign of easy money - although at the same time they can have immeasurable dough. The fact is that there are many other signs that a person will have money and that they will still be able to make a living without a poor life. When determining the money on hand, the first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the little finger. If the little finger is small, and the top of the finger ends under the beginning of the nail phalanx of Apollo's finger, it is the main sign that such a person does not see the difference in profit and tends to work at a loss. Trading is not his vocation, so if he does not trade he will not make money in that area.

If the little finger (the finger of mercury) reaches the jumper of the joint at the beginning of the nail phalanx of the ring finger in height, it is considered the average optimal option, it indicates average commercial inclinations, and at least one person will not be at loss work and always earn a living. When the little finger reaches the middle of the nail joint of Apollo's ring finger, or even higher, it is the cheapest finger length - this is the size of the smallest finger on the hand - it gives a person the ability and ability to make money and almost anything to benefit.

Let's look at an example image, - the next marker of well-being and a sign of money is the line of fate (Saturn) - this is a clear indicator of the existence of a goal in life and the ability to achieve set results, and this is usually money.

The line of fate indicates not only the course of a person's life, but also the quality of being, which in our time cannot be achieved without a sufficient amount of money. The presence of a clear, straight and deep line on the palm of your hand, as shown in the picture of the picture, directed towards the base of the middle finger of Saturn (No. 1), therefore, indicates the ability to focus internal and external resources to achieve a goal and actually make money.

It turns a person into a professional in his destiny and indicates the gradual growth of his social status, which cannot be accompanied without money and prosperity. Inadequate length of the line of fate is the most common and widely used option. If the line of fate disappears for a while, it means that a person has lost a goal. This is also a time of lack of money and loss of work. Look at your line. If it is intact, then money is not wasted.

A good sign of the arrival of money and wealth on your handThere is a branch from the line of fate to the finger of Mercury (No. 2) - the little finger, this is a clearly visible line that deviates from the line of Saturn and tends towards the hill of Mercury, that is, this money line should be exclusively from the line of fate go out - and do not cross it. The presented combination of lines indicates a strong, immediate increase in material well-being and its subsequent growth. The time when the money falls is calculated along the fate line at the point where the money line begins to rise (№-3). Another sign of income and profit in the palm of your hand can be seen by looking at the hill of Mercury. Short small vertical lines under the little finger (number 4) indicate the arrival of money. This sign reflects constant, but small, monetary income, but it all depends on the strength of these lines.

With the help of palmistry, we tracked the signs and money signs at handBut money has yet to be properly disposed of - and how money flows through your fingers - the phrase is familiar to many. Chirology can also provide an answer to a similar question. To determine how money is being spent, you need to join your fingers together and see if there is a gap or gaps between the bases of your fingers. Do you see gaps between your fingers? - the most disappointing sign that a person spends money easily and quickly, he literally slips between his fingers, this is especially pronounced when there is a large gap between Mercury and Apollo. If you don't see the gaps between your fingers, it is a sign that you not only know how to make money, but also how to save and spend wisely.

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All the money goes through your hands. Hands are aware of our past and future financial situation.

Dmitry Sharov

hereditary palmist

Take a closer look at their signs to understand why wealth avoids you. You may or may not believe in palmistry, but these signs still work!

No gaps between your fingers

Money flows like sand into the gaps in the closed palm. You can avoid this: deal with impromptu purchases - this scourge drains your wallet more than any signs. Before checking out, repeat the conspiracy: if the purchase is at least a quarter of your salary, take a few days to reflect.

Welfare triangle

The lines of fate, head and Mercury form a triangle of wealth. A smooth figure with deep lines promises prosperity to the owner. This is how it looks:

Angle A is directed towards the hill of Jupiter. He is responsible for a career. Breaking the lines at this point says money is coming in slowly. What to do. Appreciate your work to win the favor of the universe. Don't expect your boss to raise your salary. Talk to him about it. Do not demand or blackmail by leaving - calmly explain how you will benefit the company.

Angle B is directed towards the hill of Mercury. Breaking the lines at this point is a sign of waste. They make good money, but the money doesn't go to anyone who knows where.

What to do. Set a spending limit per month. Write down all your expenses, save 10% of your income - you will be happy.

Angle C is directed towards the mountain of Venus. If the lines are broken, it means that all of the money will be used for the upkeep of loved ones. What to do. Make a family budget and prioritize your planned purchases.

Triangle on the line of life

The triangle with the base on the lifeline pointing to the thumb indicates the ability to make easy money. It is important to dispose of them carefully so as not to bewitch the favor of fate. This is how it looks:

First Line or Hale

When the first row of the thumb is a chain, there is financial stability in life. Straight Hale speaks of need:

Phala rekha

The name of the favorite sign of the Indian palmists is translated as "rice line". It speaks about the quality of human life. The pronounced Phala Rekha speaks of the ability to find money in difficult times:

Star on the hill of Jupiter

It consists of at least five cutting lines. The sign speaks of big money in the hands of a person:

Second bracelet

The lines on the wrist are called bracelets. The second is responsible for financial stability. When the line goes off, you have trouble finding a new job:

What to do. Develop your professional skills to attract money.Explore related areas. A designer is more expensive if they know the basics of website layout. A lawyer becomes a professional if he doesn't just follow his area of ​​expertise. A copywriter will find a job faster if he learns to set up mailing lists.

Letter M.

M means mani. And also the desire for development:

In China, in addition to palm reading, podomancy is also actively used, that is, divination along the feet. It is believed that they can also define a person's character and show their future.

What to expect in the near future:

Find out what to expect in the near future.

Professionals can read a lot by hand. Also how rich and successful a person will be. Don't try to find the line responsible for wealth in the palm of your hand. It would be too easy - the thicker and longer it is, the richer the person is. Unfortunately, you have to read your rich destiny through indirect signs and tiny strokes, as well as their combination and position on the hand.

What a rich man's hand looks like: palmistry

According to Palmistry, the Triangle of Wealth is responsible for your future financial well-being. To find it, look at the place where the lines of spirit and destiny intersect. To the right or left of the fate line to the base of the fingers of the hand, there should be another line that will act as the third side of the triangle of wealth. That is, you should find an inverted triangle at this point, the base side of which is the line of the mind, and one of the lateral sides is the destiny. Found it? Congratulations! Financial success awaits you.

But the palmistry interprets such abundance at hand ambiguously. The best thing is if the triangle has straight, continuous sides - this means that the wealth will bring you without much difficulty and will not float away from your hands.

In the same place, try to find a little triangle next to the line of mind from the side of the line of fate. It also testifies that you will be able to amass and grow your own fortune.

Other signs of wealth are obvious

Was there nothing on the line of fate that even remotely resembled a triangle? Don't be discouraged, and the palmistry has taken care of it - the signs of protection and prosperity on the hand are also expressed differently.

Take a good look at the hill of Apollo (under the ring finger). If a triangle is drawn on it, your own talent will bring you wealth.

It is considered a good sign when the lines of life and destiny begin at the same point. This guarantees a person's success in activities related to trading.

Need incentive (motivation). Many of us say that. In fact, these words are not empty, they mean quite a lot. Here lives a person who has the same job every day and does not particularly strive for anything.

We bought jackets for the kids for the winter and new shoes for ourselves, the bathroom taps were changed and it's okay, they were moved for the vacation - generally excellent. And then once and turns into a millionaire! Builds a house, buys a new car and usually just shines with wellbeing.

What happened? The stimulus has appeared. And the topic our article today is dedicated to will become for many. We are going to talk about the line of wealth at hand, what signs indicate that a person simply cannot be poor.

And to fascinate you even more, let's open the veil a little and say that there really is no limit to your wealth! And everything is fine here.

What is wealth

For each word this has a different meaning and "cost". But no matter how much we are told about spiritual wealth, we want to eat and we want delicious food. Yes, and no one will like to dress in rags, plus telephones, furniture, appliances, repairs ... ... Well, you can't do without money.

The desired amount can vary. For some, a million a month is an unaffordable amount, but for someone it is enough for a few days. The asset line does not indicate how much a person will make this month or the next, nor does it predict winning the lottery. This is just a sign that there is (or not!) Every reason to be prosperous.

- Science is mysterious and very interesting. An experienced specialist who has studied the palm of your hand can even tell where happiness can come from (a gift, an inheritance, a successful marriage, a promotion at work).

He will also explain how to properly dispose of it (make a profitable purchase, invest in construction, etc.).

However, we are not specialists, so we only learn the basics, although they can provide more than enough information.

Sign on the palm

It is also important which hand these signs are on. Although you need to examine both palms of your hands, analyze the data obtained and compare them. So the information will be as reliable as possible.

Pinkie finger

The propensity for prosperity is indicated by the length. When he reaches the upper phalanx of the Nameless (Apollo), success is guaranteed.

Such people have a very well developed commercial phase, they know how to make money literally "out of nowhere", they keep coming up with a bunch of ideas that less talented people, by the way, can use and also make good money.

Distance between fingers

To see if it is there or not, all you have to do is close your fingers tightly. If there are "gaps" between them, it is a sign that money is "flowing" through your fingers. And when there isn't clearance, there is every way to make and grow your income.

Lines in the palm of your hand

These signs indicate what to focus on while making money. If the Mercury line stands out clearly, then you need to use your knowledge and talent to learn.

In the event that the Apollo lineage dominates, one must strive to develop talent. It will bring in money over time. When the clearest line is from Saturn, payment will be made for the work you are about to do.

You just have to be more persistent and persistent.


Palmists pay special attention to this line. If it is long and deep, it means that in the course of life there are all possibilities for self-actualization and attainment of material wealth.

In this case, however, the branches that originate from it are of primary importance. An ordinary person cannot explain it. In this case, it is better to turn to an experienced specialist for help.

If it is doubled or even tripled on both hands, it should be looked at from different angles.

The most important speaks of physical existence, and the repeated - of spiritual and psychological. The more clearly they are emphasized, the more talents a person has and the more prerequisites he must have in order to get rich.

Fate line

This is of particular interest. The fact is that in the course of life it changes, becomes deep, long and lively, pronounced, then brief and barely noticeable. When there are no gaps, when the nearby hills are clearly defined, a person knows how to set goals and achieve them. And this is the best trait for those who seek material prosperity.

If there is a trident or fork at the end of the line, then wealth is likely to emerge in adulthood.


Deciphering that line in the palm of your hand is of great importance. By how clearly it is noticeable, how evenly and for a long time it is possible to draw a conclusion about a person's thinking, about his abilities and his level of intelligence.

If it bends gently and goes towards the lunar hill, it means that the person has particular creative inclinations. And if there is a gap of 3-4 mm between this line and the line of life, it means that he is able to make quick decisions and take responsibility.

Financial success can be assessed using the branches in the headline... If they are directed upwards, it means that it is possible to achieve well-being through mental work, and if they are directed downwards, the whole way of life should be overhauled. It is possible that the decisions made earlier were wrong and got to the bottom.

Money triangle

Here is one of the main signs of whether or not happiness favors a person.... The triangle is right in the middle of the palm. It consists of the line of the head, the fate and another, closing line.

A person's income and stability depend on how even the shape of the figure is and how much larger it is. If there is a gap on the line it means the money is going nowhere, which doesn't make a lot of sense. This is what happens when they get too easy.

If such a triangle is exactly on the line of life, then the receipt of a large sum from outside must be expected. . An experienced palmist will immediately recognize where the well-being is coming from through additional signs.

Wind of money

This is the name of the large number of vertical stripes on the hill of Saturn. They are parallel to each other and show that a person can earn and earn a lot. Plus, he's doing it pretty successfully. Only money constantly goes nowhere and leaves neither useful purchases nor pleasant souvenirs.

Jupiter's "star"

Located in the palm of your hand under your index finger Hill of Jupiter. If several lines cross here (at least 5), then a person was born to have money and power in their hands. It is a different matter whether he will learn to handle such a gift and use it in pure thought.

Rice line

This brand takes precedence... Palmists also call them "Phala Rekha". It is located at the bend of the thumb between the phalanges. The larger and deeper this line, the more material advantages a person's fate offers.

We read the article, studied the palms and fingers, made conclusions and what's next? Shall we live like we did before? Or do we sit down and wait for prosperity? Of course not.

Material wellbeing - a topic that is so exciting for each of us that even many scientific studies are devoted to this topic. This is what they prove. Man himself is responsible for his poverty. Here are the most common reasons

Unloved profession

Only a small percentage of school leavers have the opportunity to choose their future path independently. Most do what their parents said. And then he works all his life, for example, as a teacher after receiving higher education.

Instead of quitting vocational school and owning a network of your own auto repair shops. Remember, only the job you really like will make money.

Lack of purpose

Being rich is a loose concept. A certain goal is required, and when it is achieved - another. Otherwise the money just won't come or it will be spent aimlessly and very quickly.

Generic program

If all relatives were poor, few people would become rich. A person is simply programmed by his ancestors and does not try to achieve more than them, nor is he sure of his own strength.


Material trials are often the payment for the wrongdoings committed by ancestors. In order to get rid of the burden faster and start making money, you need to donate some of the money to charity.

Wrong attitude towards money

The fact that money must be respected is not a fiction, it is a fact. There are many signs that need to be heeded so that they linger around the house and don't melt right before our eyes.

For example, you can't even spend a little after receiving a salary. Money has to spend the night in the house.

You can't spend every last penny, there should always be at least one small bill in your wallet, etc.

So, when the asset lines on hand are as localized as they should, when there are clear signs of wealth, but there has never been enough money, it is time to think about and analyze your behavior.

You will definitely get rich! We know that for sure! And what interesting signs of material well-being do you know, or perhaps you know a ritual for money? We look forward to your comments.