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Which shoes to wear with a tuxedo? Be like James Bond!

Do you remember how James Bond dressed? Agent 007 always looked attractive and with class, which wasn't even bothered by daring actions. One of his favorite creations was the tuxedo. It's a tasteful outfit for special occasions. If you have a special day ahead of you and you have decided on black tie, you should know the answer to the question: which shoes to wear with a tuxedo?

The devil is in the details, so even a well-adapted outfit is only half the battle. Take care of accessories and, above all, choose the right shoes with a tuxedo.

A tuxedo for special occasions

If you've ever seen a gala, you've probably noticed that most of the men in attendance wear tuxedos. Discover how Rami Malek at this year's Academy Awards for the role of Freddy Mercury in the film Bohemian rapsody received the award for best leading actor:

Have you also received an invitation to a party where the dress code is as Black tie referred to as? This means that the event is special and you should wear a tuxedo.

In addition to the tuxedo, this unique evening outfit consists of several inseparable elements. In this case it is better Avoid fashion experiments - Forgetting or changing any component of the tuxedo can lead to a spectacular mishap.

Did you know that…

Today's tuxedo appeared in the fashion world in the 30s? It should be less formal than the elegant tailcoat.

What should you pay attention to when creating the black tie dress code? The list includes a tuxedo shirt, bow tie, stripe pants, tuxedo belt, and every gentleman's calling card - properly selected shoes.

Tuxedo shoes - choose black

The classic suit gives you a lot of leeway in choosing the color and style of the shoes. To convince yourself of this, read the article Combining moccasins with a suit. In contrast to the classic suit, the selection of shoes for a tuxedo is subject to strict rules.

Do you want to avoid a styling mishap? For other occasions, leave brown derbies, dark blue brogues, or burgundy moccasins and choose instead elegant black shoes. To make the right choice, pay attention to two details - tuxedo shoes should have a relatively low heel and a rounded shape. Be the best choice Oxfords be.

If you are looking for a model that also goes with the suit and does not contrast with it, opt for universal ones black evening shoes made of smooth leather.

Smoking shoes should be kept in perfect condition during the event. So you should have a special one Take the cleaner for smooth leather with you, which you can find in the offer from

Shine in oxfords - patent leather shoes with a tuxedo

You can always rely on Oxfords. It is a symbol of style and beauty in simplicity, a universal and always fashionable cut. They will be a hit that will spice up and complement your styling with a tuxedo. Emphasize the importance of the moment and make it shine by looking out elegant patent leather shoes Choosing the perfect couple.

Patent leather shoes and a wedding tuxedo are a perfect duo, in which you will leave a stunning impression on the wedding guests and especially on the bride.

Still hesitating between a wedding tuxedo and a classic suit? Then you will definitely be interested in the article Which shoes go with the wedding suit, from which you will find out which possibilities you gain by choosing a certain model and a certain color.

Bond. James Bond… and the white tuxedo

If you close your eyes and try to picture agent 007, you will likely see him in a black tie outfit. One of James Bond's iconic outfits was a white tuxedo. White jacket with the characteristic burgundy-colored carnation on the lapel, black trousers, bow tie and of course ... Walther pistol:

Styling tip

A tuxedo is black or very dark - midnight blue. The exception is a white summer tuxedo. Decide on black dress shoes regardless of the color variant.

When it comes to choosing shoes to wear with a tuxedo, nothing changes. Regardless of whether you're wondering which shoes go with the black or white tuxedo, the answer remains the same. Black, black and again black.

Finally I want to say that Tuxedo shoes should be as simple as possible. I mean the simplicity when it comes to the number of seams. So follow the rule: the less, the better. However, if you really value original decorations, see the black dress shoes Models with subtle decorative buckles.

Have you already found your dream tuxedo? You can find shoes that complement your creation perfectly on


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