What is your favorite band artist and why

How much does it cost to book your favorite band / artist for a private concert?

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Do you have a big birthday Maybe you are planning a party and need live entertainment? Well, instead of hiring your local cover band to set up a stage in your back yard or living room, why not hire the real business ?! Deadmau5, Dave Matthews, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Tiesto, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry ... they can all be yours. But as with everything that is so great in life, there will also be a price associated with being accompanied by massive stars in a private garden concert. And to this day these prices are relatively unknown. We actually published an article listing rappers' price tag a while ago, but now we're finally getting a glimpse of what all artists and bands cost to book for a show.

Today a blog called prideonomics published a pretty thorough list of what it costs to hire dozens of great bands and artists. The list ranges from Madonna ($ 1 million) to the Ying Yang Twins ($ 10- $ 15k) to a number of bands I've never heard of to this day. Priceonomics claims that this information was anonymously shared with them by a senior promoter booking agent. Besides, the prices you will see are "Preliminary costs"When you book one of these acts, you may also have to pay for things like flights, hotels, food, a pound of weed, bowls of green M & Ms, etc ...

I've studied the list below for most of an hour, and I definitely feel that some of these fees need to be negotiable. For example, I couldn't help but notice that it was supposed to be costing $20,000 Set Coolio. That doesn't exactly match what I saw on a recent trip to Mexico. Myself and a buddy were walking through a town called Playa Del Carmen and we noticed this poster announcing a gig by Coolio in a bar. And it wasn't a huge bar with a capacity for a thousand people. It was a tiny beach hut with a three-foot stage. This bar could maybe fit like 25 people. Maybe that was her annual summer breakout? Is Coolio really still getting $ 20k? At least, please note how MISERY Coolio looks at the advertising poster. Also note the mustache that was slapped in photoshop:

Ok, enough around the bush. Let's get to the numbers. Below are the reported fees for booking dozens of major artists. If you dive into the lists I would love to know your thoughts. Does anyone seem surprisingly expensive or cheap? If you had the money to burn, which band / bands would you hire for your ultimate dream garden concert? Let me know in the comments below!