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Foreign media representatives traveling to the United States on business may qualify for an I visa. This can include members of the print and audiovisual media whose activities are essential for the function of the foreign medium, such as reporters, film crews, editors and people from similar professional fields. Please note that only those persons who are actually involved in capturing messages are eligible for this visa (editors, librarians or the staff responsible for drafting the scenario equipment do not fall into this category.)

Freelance journalists and members of independent production companies can also be considered for an I-Visa if they are under contract with a media organization.

Individuals who work in the production and distribution of films will only qualify for an I-Visa if the material being filmed is for information or news dissemination and the primary source of funding and distribution is outside the United States. All published material must be of a documentary nature.

Individuals or companies hired to work on film projects with commercial value or projects in the entertainment industry require an appropriate work visa (O, P or H), which is a work permit from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) prior to visa application.

I visas are also intended for foreign journalists working for a branch, office, or subsidiary of an American network, newspaper, or other media outlet when the journalist travels to the United States to hear about events in report in the United States for an overseas audience or readership only. Journalists who replace or reinforce American journalists who cover events in the United States for an American audience require a work visa.

Required Documents
To process an application for an I-Visa, please submit: a copy of your press ID and a letter from your publisher or editor-in-chief stating the purpose and duration of your planned stay in the USA. Freelance journalists and members of independent production companies must also enclose a copy of their contract with a media organization.