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Constitutional principles

Principles of our constitution

A "principle" is a set rule or principle. Constitutional principles are therefore the principles that shape our constitution.

Article 20 of the Basic Law

The constitutional principles are laid down in Article 20 of the Basic Law, our constitution.

  • We live in one democracy: That means that the people decide in elections who should rule.
  • We live in one Welfare state: That means that the state must ensure that all citizens can lead a decent life.
  • We live in one constitutional state: That means that the state and all citizens must obey the law.
  • We live in one State: That means that the 16 federal states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany each have their own government, their own parliament and their own administration. The federal states must also be involved in legislation.
  • This applies to our state Separation of powers: That means that the legislative power (legislative), the executive power (executive) and the judicial power (judiciary) are separated from each other. This is to prevent those who have power in the state from abusing their power.
  • There is Right to resist: If someone should try to remove our democratic order, all Germans have the right to resist.

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