When does One Piece end

When does One Piece end? The author gives a specific year

Manga fans are always concerned with the question of the end of One Piece. An author of the series has now commented on it and has given a rough publication date for the last chapter.

We have been accompanying Luffy and his friends on the high seas for more than 20 years. So it's no wonder that many fans want to know when the One Piece manga will end. The latest update is now provided by the author Kohei Onishi, who even gives specific figures in an interview.

After another 20 volumes at the earliest, One Piece is over

Kohei Onishi is currently working as an editor on One Piece with series creator Eiichiro Oda. In a Japanese TV show on Wednesday, he again confirmed that the end of the manga is not too far away.

To be precise, about 20 to 30 volumes should be missing until the last chapter. So we have to wait around 4 to 5 more years for the long-awaited final. This coincides with an earlier interview statement by Eiichiro Oda, in which he aimed at the same period.

It is questionable whether such estimates are realistic. After all, the manga is slowly but surely heading towards the end, but one last big battle seems to be a long way off. At the moment the straw hat pirates are busy fighting the pirate emperor Kaido and his gang in the land of Wano Kuni. Which story arc is due after that remains unclear.

One thing is certain: Luffy, Zorro & Co. will entertain us with their adventures for a few more years. The latest manga chapters from One Piece can be found at Manga Plus. All anime episodes can be bought on DVD and Blu-ray * from Amazon.

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