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Kiss cure: why kissing is healthy and can even protect against allergies

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Kissing is healthy, as many studies have shown (symbol photo). © imago images

According to researchers, kisses act like an oral vaccination: 80 million germs are exchanged during a deep kiss; a turbo for the immune defense. Kisses are also an anti-aging booster and, by the way, they make you pretty happy too.

Berlin - Admittedly: yourself 80 million germs at a kiss Capturing it doesn't sound particularly appetizing at first. However, you should definitely not stop kissing your sweetheart whenever you can. For the health this is usually extremely beneficial for most people. You should currently no kiss partner at your side, you will find everything you need to know about the in the last section of the article negative consequences of kissing.

Kiss cure: Turbo for organs, circulation and hormones

If Lips and Tongues of people who are fond of one another touch, a real one pours out Hormone cocktail about the actors: Serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins and theBonding hormone oxytocinare poured out, that Stress hormone cortisol is deactivated at the same time. Kissing people feel relaxed and all around well. Some Researcher even see evidence that Kissesdepressions to be able to prevent. And the distribution of the Adrenaline messengers and Dopamineinhibit the Sensation of pain.

These positive effects solves that Kiss According to scientists from:

  • At the Kiss move 29 muscles, 17 of which are solely for that Tongue movements responsible. An ideal one Face lift!
  • During the Kissing beats Medical professionals according to that Heart faster, the body will better blood circulation and in brain becomes Oxytoxin released: a Hormone, that makes you happy and for depthsatisfaction cares.
  • Microbiologists have found out that a heartfelt kiss of 10 seconds enough so 80 million germs be replaced. That activates the Immune defense.

Kisses but can do much, much more: they are especially happy about deep kisses Skin.Because when kissing will be Facial muscles active, the very targeted Wrinkling can counteract. When cuddling, the skin in the face all intensely supplied with blood, the refreshed and takes care of visibly firmer skin.This one Glow effect does not give make-up so quickly.

A more intense one Lip workout under full Use of the tongue game can even help to decrease: And not just because you can't kiss and eat at the same time. But: With only a kiss burn active up to 20 calories a minute. A small side effect: Long kissing can also beneficial for the neck and back muscles be. Since the Kiss it is necessary to ensure that the Noses do not get into each other, they go Kissing almost automatically mostly into one ergonomic basic position.

Kiss cure: intensive tongue play offers cardio training

A intense tongue play also cranks various organ functions on: It leaves that heart not only higher, but also more quickly beat. Smooching displaces that Cardiovascular system therefore in positive stress. Right at the Kiss beats that heart up to 150 times per minute. The positive one medical effect: the Heart muscle will be at this Cardio training strengthened. The function of the lung May Improve: Scientists have measured that kissers take place 20 even 60 breaths do in the minute. This leads to the fact that the body is even better with it oxygen is supplied.

Hormone experts at the Vienna University Clinic also found that Kiss also at Cardiovascular problems can help. Affected people should do this regularly at least three minutes during the day kiss intensely and cuddle. The positive effects according to the study: Too high Blood pressure drops and the Cholesterol levels (the unpopular LDL value) improve.

Kiss cure: Oral vaccination through kisses makes the immune system fit and prevents hay fever

scientist according to power Kiss besides that immune system fit and looks like one Oral vaccination: Again Dutch microbiologist Remco Kort found out with his team at the intense kisses with tongue round 80 million bacteria transfer. That has a positive effect on them Immune defense: The immune system activates immune cells, which the bacteria should render harmless.

And kissing also has positive effects on hay fever: The Japanese allergist Hajime Kimata has in one study the Immune values of 50 hay fever sufferers examined. Conclusion: After this their partner For 30 minutes had kissed, found each other after this athletic performance significantly less Allergen antibodies and Histaminesin blood.

Kiss cure: Study shows that passionate kissers live longer

With all of them positive effects by the Kiss but you can even do the possible on Valentine's Day negative Do not cover up the consequences. Who currently no kiss partner has ready, must at least find out about any harmful aspects of Kissing don't worry:

Because a kiss can have fatal consequences for food allergy sufferers: According to one US study had 5 percent of food allergy sufferers already one allergic reaction after a kiss. “Even several hours after eating, you can Food allergens in the Saliva prove ", explains Prof. Dr. med. Dr. H. c. Torsten Zuberbier, chairman of the European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF)“When you kiss, these allergens can be transferred unintentionally.” Even small amounts of allergens can trigger severe allergic reactions.

The European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF) advises Risk of anaphylaxis owing to Food allergies about this, before the first kiss about the allergy to speak. Parents of adolescents with severe Food allergy should address the issue of transferringAllergens by Kissin time speak to.

Further negative consequences of Kissing can be:

  • Tooth decay: tooth decay and periodontal diseases will be through Metabolic products different bacteria caused. A transfer of such bacteria by Kiss is possible, but that risk is low, since the outbreak is very strong from other factors how Metabolic diseases, smoking (one of the main risk factors for periodontal disease), genetic makeup and hormonal balance (e.g. pregnancy).
  • Herpes
  • hepatitis
  • Pfeiffer's glandular fever
  • Helicobacter pylori bacterium: Stomach diseases can be transmitted

According to researchers, anyone who turns 70 has spent an average of 76 days kissing. * The strongest argument and a Plea for extensive kissing therefore deliver in the end Canadian doctors the McGill University in Montreal: You noticed that passionate kissers not only more resistant against many Diseases are, but that they are too age more slowly. A study of the American Society for Sexual Behavior in Los Angeles even shows that frequent-kissers get up to five years longer Life.* is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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