Why are angel investors important

Financing through business angels

If you have the feeling that your project could be of interest to a business angel, you should start looking for an investor. The problem is: Business angels are not standing in the street waving a sign. As a rule, they are very concerned about their privacy and the preservation of their anonymity, which they can only escape from if they are seriously interested in an investment.

The several thousand business angels in Germany mostly belong to a "business angels network", but are not recorded in a register, but can only be contacted indirectly via the associations. You therefore do not have the opportunity to address an investor directly. Instead, send the BAND, the Business Angels Network Germany e.V., a so-called Executive Summary, a compact summary of your business idea and business plan. If this document passes a first check, it will be forwarded to the individual associations organized in it and may have a chance to arouse the interest of an investor.

However, it is important that you actively support this process. Follow up with the associations that have the concept and ask if there are any investors who would like to invest capital in your company. Get in touch with multiple potential investors to make sure that the deal ends up going off with at least one of them.