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Analysis of Bill Gates' Jyotish chart


1 Analysis of the Jyotish chart by Bill Gates Here is the link to the German Wikipedia page about Bill Gates. Dates of birth The dates of birth are from astro.com and are considered "reliable" (Rodden Rating A), but not "very reliable" (AA). The reason for this is that there are two alternative times of birth, namely 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. This results in a Rashi chart with Gemini ascendant and one with Cancer ascendant. I'm using the chart with Cancer ascendant, which is also favored by Astro.com because it does better justice to the personality and life of Bill Gates. Many factors contributed to this decision. One of these is the complete absence of rajayogas in the Gemini ascendant chart. The planetary levels were calculated using Jagannatha Hora. Bill Gates Day: (Sk), Time: 10:00 p.m. (Bu) Zone: 8:00:00 h West of GRZ Location: Seattle, Washington (122 W 19 '51 ", 47 N 36' 23") Ayanamsha: 23 14'24.09 "The horoscope was created on Michael Stibane, 2020 PL Gr Mi Sek R RA ZRel SR V SN Nv L Alt PS DB Kar BH HvW HvW Nakshatra NH 16Var ShadB% A La 3 43'40" Pushya Sa 4 Sy 11 48'04 "7 CASE 1> jgd 0 0 PK Svati Ra Ch 15 00'15" 12 Enem 8 knd 13 GK 5 18 Jyeshta Bu 9.70 Ke 24 53'21 "2 CASE 1> knd Mrgashir Ma == Rashi and Navamsha (North Indian) 1

2 Rashi and Navamsha (South Indian) Preliminary remark The following interpretation was made in September 2020 and reflects my Jyotish level of development at that time. Compared to previous teaching examples (Hesse, Gandhi, Trump, etc.), some principles of interpretation may well have changed. I've looked at some of the analyzes of Bill Gates' chart on the internet, but only those that use Cancer as an ascendant. However, these are all quite short and most of them also quite superficial. Often, mainly yogas are listed, which are supposed to explain the great success of Bill Gates. Many of the brief analyzes read like letters of application to get the job of court astrologer at the court of King Bill. Problematic factors in the horoscope are almost completely ignored or are eliminated with a subordinate clause. In one of the articles he is proposed as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize to honor his work as a patron. Great personalities are often either extremely idealized or extremely demonized. Such a black-or-white philosophy is not appropriate in Jyotish analyzes. We shall see that it is precisely the pronounced contrast between strong positive and strong negative factors that makes Bill Gates' horoscope so interesting. Here is a table to make this contrast clear: 2

3 Of the 9 planets in Rashi, 4 are characterized by light (Sattva-Rajas) and 4 by darkness (Tamas-Rajas); in the middle area only Chandra (Rajas-Tamas) can be found, but the moon can ultimately be assigned to the darkness faction due to the aspects it receives. To understand the table, please read my two articles The 3 Gunas and Gunas and Jyotish. Cancer ascendant Cancer, in Sanskrit Karka or Kataka, is the dynamic watermark. His master is Chandra, the moon. Cancer ascendant marks a very emotional, spiritually active person. The own thinking and feeling shape the personal activity of the born. Imagination as well as intellectual creativity and flexibility are central characteristics of personality. So Bill Gates is a man of spirit and knowledge. Usually the Ascendant (Lagna), the Ascendant Lord (Lagnesha) and the Moon (Chandra) are the central personal factors on a chart. With the ascendant Cancer, the moon is also the ascendant lord and is therefore particularly formative for the personality. Lord of the ascendant Moon in the Jupiter sign Pisces in the blessed 9th house The primary behavior of the born, which the sign of the zodiac (Rashi) indicates on the ascendant, is actually implemented by the Lord of the ascendant. The house and sign in which the Lord of the Ascendant is located give a special touch to the primary behavior of the newborn. Pisces is also a watermark. It is ruled by Jupiter (Guru). It is a dual sign i.e. H. neither dynamic nor persistent, but stimulable and reactive. The moon as a representative of the spirit (Manas) receives a refined, deepening note in this sign. The intuition of the born is thereby very much promoted. The 9th house, the house of philosophy, success and happiness in life, is the most favorable position imaginable that an ascendant gentleman can occupy. 3

4 Maharishi Parashara says accordingly about the position of the lord of the 1st house in the 9th house: "The born is favored by luck, loved among men, a devotee of Sri Vishnu, knowledgeable, skillful, has wife, sons and wealth." The phrase "has a wife, sons, and wealth" is indicative of the prosperity of all areas of life. As the master of a kendra, a corner house (1), in a trikona (trigonal house, 9), Chandra, who as the ascendant ruler embodies the born himself, is a Rajayoga planet that promises great success in life. The moon is very full and waxing, which Jyotish-technically makes it a benefactor planet. As such, he will promote and not harm the 9th house he is in. Jupiter is Lord and Karaka of the 9th house. He is naturally neutral towards Chandra (moon), but due to the temporary hostility he is an enemy of the moon in this chart (see my article on relationships). The moon is thus in the sign of an enemy in Pisces. This means that the moon manifests predominantly the negative sides of itself, of the sign Pisces and of Jupiter, who rules over the sign Pisces, over the 9th house and over the moon. The effects of the moon in the horoscope are mostly negative. On the other hand, the position of the moon towards Jupiter is neutral, so that it is quite able and ready to use the influence of Jupiter for its own interests. The moon is by its nature a Sattva planet, it stands for the spirit (Manas) and for processes of consciousness. It also stands for directed attention. Due to his position in the sign of the enemy, the mental activity shifts from Sattva in the direction of Rajas-Tamas (see table above), so that the attention is primarily directed to dynamic material processes. That is why Bill Gates is not a philosopher, psychologist, mystic, spiritual person or even saint, but a software manufacturer and entrepreneur. The latter is also confirmed by other factors in the horoscope, but the moon is the most important personal factor in the horoscope. The moon in the sign of Pisces in the 9th house stands for a spirit that forgets all limitations of space and time and intuitively grasps the wholeness and unity that is the inside of reality. This is the mind of a Vedanta philosopher, prophet, or mystic. By shifting towards Rajas-Tamas, it becomes a mind that has an intuitive and holistic perception of economic and technical 4

5 development opportunities made possible. The success in life, for which the 9th house stands, also shifts to this subject area. The moon filter also highlights the corresponding sides of Jupiter who is Lord and Karaka of the 9th house. From a material point of view, Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house stands for knowledge (Jupiter), wealth (2nd house) and power (Leo) to achieve. Jupiter also stands for expansion and the sun sign Leo for monopoly, which represents the epitome of economic power. In this way, a man of knowledge becomes the boss of a world-dominating software company. But knowledge is still a key issue. An operating system is basically the DNA of a computer and the DNA stands for knowledge in action. The following table shows the character strength of the moon in the 16 Vargas (sub-charts). The topic is the special area of ​​life about which this subchart provides information. The maximum value is 20, the mean value 10. The 30ths in Parashara are not assigned to signs of the zodiac, but to 5 sections of planets, so there is 1-5 instead of 1/30. Of particular interest are always the topics that are already connected with the position of the planet according to its nature, its house position and its domination. In the case of the moon, this is the body (1) because Chandra is master of the 1st house (Tanu-Bhava, house of the body), prosperity (1/2) because the moon is ruled by Jupiter, who is in the house of property ( 2) stands, siblings (3), because the moon is aspecting the 3rd house and is aspecting from the 3rd house, parents (1/7), because the moon is in the father's house (9) etc. High strength values ​​in one Varga improve the effects of the planet indicated in the rashi in relation to the corresponding 5

6 Subject, low strength values ​​make it worse. So here the moon, whose overall effect in Rashi is rather negative, will produce better effects in terms of prosperity, siblings, spirituality (philosophy, religion, etc.) and beneficial effects on the overall horoscope than is indicated by its position in Rashi because it is strong in the corresponding sub-charts. This is one of the ways to involve the vargas. With the position of the moon in the 9th house, it is very remarkable that the moon is raised in the Vimshamsha chart (1/20), which is about spirituality. When the moon is mentioned in the following, one should keep in mind what has been said so far about its position in the horoscope. Let us now include further details of the position of the ascendant ruler Chandra. Aspects and other Rajayogas in connection with the moon The moon is aspect of 3 evil planets - Mars, Mercury and Rahu - and no benefactor, which in principle diminishes its positive effects. Mercury is an evildoer on this chart because it is in conjunction with the evildoer Mars. The negative effects of these culprit aspects are partially offset again. This becomes clear when we examine each of the 3 aspects individually. On the one hand, Mercury is not a pronounced culprit, on the other hand, as a culprit, it is quite good in the improving 3rd house and also increases very much in its own sign Virgo. Its aspect from the 3rd house on the moon in 9 represents a challenge for the very intuitive mind (moon) to submit to practical implementability (3rd house in the earth sign Virgo) and intellectual analysis (Mercury in Virgo). And conversely, the moon also aspects Mercury. The mutual aspect of Mercury and moon combines the visionary (moon in Pisces in 9) and the nerd, tinkerer and technology freak (Mercury) and also the practitioner (3rd house) - a combination that significantly contributes to the unique success of Bill Gates contributes. Mercury's stance towards the moon is neutral, but the moon's stance towards Mercury is extremely hostile. It is therefore a very difficult matter for the moon to accept the influence of Mercury and to use it positively. Integrating the great vision (moon in 9) with the concrete technical implementation (Mercury in 3) is no easy task. The same applies to the mutual aspect of the moon and Mars. Mars is an enemy of the moon; he is weak and unfavorable in the sign of his 6

7 mortal enemy Mercury, so its aspect poses an even greater and more painful challenge to the moon than the Mercury aspect. Here the dreamy, intuitive mind has to face the challenge of serving personal ambition and the combative implementation of very concrete projects (Mars in the 3rd house in the earth sign Virgo). The moon is neutral towards Mars and influences it not to get lost in details (Virgo), but at the same time to support the great vision. And the interaction between the moon and Mars is proving to be extremely fruitful. Rajayoga (royal constellation of success) occurs when planets connect a powerful corner house (1, 4, 7, 10) and a beneficial trigonal house (5, 9). In the case of the ascendant Cancer, Mars is already a rajayoga karaka in and of itself, because he is the master of a corner house (10) and a trigonal house (5). The moon is also a rajayoga karaka in and of itself because it is the master of a corner house (1) in a trigoal house (9). Due to their mutual aspect, the moon and Mars even turn each other into rajayoga karakas, which does not reduce the tension between them, but makes it extremely fruitful. The extremely ambitious, assertive man of action (Mars in 3 in Virgo) and the visionary (moon in 9) form a connection here. Maharishi Parashara describes in his work "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra" (BPHS) the effects of a large number of planetary constellations (yogas) and points out in several places that when evaluating these yogas one always considers the strength and weakness of the planets involved must include. This also applies to rajayogas. Since the moon is in the sign of the enemy and Mars is in the sign of the mortal enemy, the rajayogas they form are of inferior quality. The successes and achievements that these yogas indicate are in the range of Rajas-Tamas (moon) and Tamas-Rajas (Mars), i.e. H. they relate to material processes and achievements and definitely have their downsides. If the moon were the lord of 1 in 9 in the sign of the friend in Pisces, this would indicate a spiritually highly developed personality, a person who is filled with divine joy, knowledge and creativity and who works for the benefit of mankind. As a result of the position of the moon in the sign of the enemy and the aspects of 3 evildoers, this positive impulse is falsified and partially turned into its opposite. For the rajayoga formed by Mars, this is even more true, because Mars is under the sign of the mortal enemy. A Rajayoga Mars in the house of motivation and energy (3) indicates a person of great boldness and energy. Due to the position in the sign of the mortal enemy, the negative sides of Mars gain in importance in 3: an exaggerated, 7

8 unrestrained ambition and a relentlessly aggressive treatment of competitors - especially with verbal, commercial and legal means, since Mars is under the sign of Virgo. Since the 3rd house is an improving house, the negative sides will be alleviated as life goes on. In the Navamsha, Mars is also in an improving house (11), but also there under the sign of his mortal enemy Mercury, so that he does not improve his position as a result. The aspect of Rahu has an extremely unfavorable effect on the ascendant and on the ascendant ruler Moon. The natural malefactor Rahu stands in Scorpio in the fall; it damages the 5th house in which it stands and also the 1st and 9th houses which it is aspecting. Rahu in the case of Scorpio in the 5th stands for a demonic kind of creativity, a dark enforcement fanaticism, the abuse of higher spiritual powers for destructive purposes and in the house of knowledge (5) for darkest ignorance and delusion. If one takes into account that Rahu is ruled by an equally unfavorable malefactor Mars in the sign of Virgo, one can speak of a very destructive Skynet terminator constellation and must state that Rahu is undoubtedly the most negative factor in the Rashi chart . The fact that Rahu in the Navamsha is strongly in the own sign Aquarius, the sign of cessation and coming to rest, indicates that this kind of extreme negativity diminishes in the course of life. The position of the moon in the sign of the enemy and the aspects of malefactors with the associated tensions and challenges do offer opportunities for creativity with appropriate effort, but reduce the natural optimism (9th house, Mr. Jupiter) of the spirit (manas, moon) or lead to unrealistic optimism about developments that do not justify optimism. Further details on the position of the moon It is also considered unfavorable if there is no planet in the neighboring signs of the moon and in conjunction with the moon. The very unfavorable Kemadruma Yoga is not present here because there are planets in corner houses. In Navamsha, the moon is in Scorpio in the fall. This has inter alia. As a result, the position of the moon develops negatively in the course of life (see my article on the Navamsha chart). This can be seen in connection with the described aspect of Rahu on the moon and the home of the moon (Cancer) and the aspects of the two other evildoers (Mars and Mercury). The actually optimistic mentality of Rajayoga- 8

9 moon in the conducive 9th house becomes darker, grimmer, more destructive. In Navamsha, however, this is tempered by the aspect of Jupiter. The Navamsha chart is also the wife's chart; Bill Gates wife Melinda has the moon in Scorpio. Chandra is in the Nakshatra (moon house) Uttara Bhadra. The consciousness and the activity of the born are shaped by the following qualities of the lunar house Uttara Bhadra: "Frees himself from illusions and thereby becomes happy and successful. Disciplined, reliable, effective, steadfast, humble. Clear view of reality. Integrated, far-sighted Personality." The deity of this Nakshatra is Ahirbudhhnya, the serpent of the deep from the retinue of Shiva. Saturn rules the Nakshatra.Chandra is the Pitri-Karara (PiK), i. H. it is one (but not the only) indicator of the father. The ninth house occupied by the moon also stands for the father. From this one can conclude that the mentality of Bill Gates is strongly shaped by his father. The moon is undoubtedly the most significant personal factor in Bill Gates' chart and also the most significant factor in the entire chart. However, an appropriate assessment of the position of the moon can only be made if it is viewed in conjunction with all other factors in the horoscope. So we will come back to what has been said here later. Surya (sun) as Karaka of the 1st house When analyzing the 1st house one must not forget Surya, the Karaka of the 1st house. As the organizer of the 1st house (Bhava-Karaka), Surya creates the prerequisites for the 1st house, from which the lord of the 1st house, in our chart Chandra, the moon, then makes something. The basic structure and basic dynamics of a house arise from the interaction between Mr. and Karaka. Surya in the case of Libra in the 4th house Surya stands in the horoscope for the personality core (Ahamkara, Ego) and as Karaka of the 1st house also for the intelligence that builds up the body, i.e. H. overall for the constitution, health and vitality and for sovereignty and self-confidence, the character and personal charisma of a person. The sun in the sign of the Fall (Nicha) indicates a weak constitution and low self-confidence. Health means Svasthya in Sanskrit, which means to be founded in oneself (sva), the ability to live in the 9th

10 different circumstances in a sovereign way to preserve your own identity and to bring it to bear powerfully. The sun in the Venus sign Libra indicates addiction and a weak personality that defines its own worth over others and external circumstances. Health is also always dependent on external factors. An inconspicuous, shy, weak person who constantly adapts and tries to win the support of his surroundings through his friendliness and charm. Someone who desperately needs affection and approval in order to develop something like a sense of self-worth that they don't have on their own. You can see some of its features very vaguely when you see Bill Gates - e. B. in the YouTube video of the journalist Wolfgang Herles "Power games: Bill Gates - Soft octopus (1996)". Although in the case of an influential corner house (4) the sun is a problem factor that worsens the entire horoscope, there must be powerful factors in the horoscope that limit and hide this negative influence. In this context "nichabhanga" is often used, the extinction (bhanga) of the position in the fall (nicha). The term is somewhat misleading and is often misunderstood as if a planet in the case to which the Nichabhanga conditions apply is now no longer in the case but rather great. But that is not the case. Nichabhanga just means that other planets support the planet so effectively in the fall that the negative effects of the planet in the fall are to some extent neutralized. This is by no means the same as if the planet in the fall were itself strong, because if the supporting planets themselves are weakened in the course of the Dashas and transits, the negative effects reappear clearly. It is just not the same whether a person is strong or whether a weak person receives support from stronger people. A person in a good nursing home is therefore not a healthy person. In Bill Gates' chart, Shukra (Venus) and Shani (Saturn) trigger the Nichabhanga effect for Surya (sun). Shukra stands in his own sign and Shani in his sign of exaltation together with Surya in a kendra (corner house, here house 4). The negative effect that Surya as the evildoer planet could have on the 4th house in the fall is definitely neutralized by Shukra and Shani. Shani also aspects the 1st house and thereby largely neutralizes the negative effect that Surya as Karaka of the 1st house has on the 1st house and thus on the health and ability to act of the born. Shani gives protection and Shukra support. If you give a weak fighter an excellent 10

11 puts on armor, hands him a good shield and surrounds him with strong bodyguards, nothing will happen to him. But there always remains the awareness of being at risk and weakness. Natural strength and sovereignty is something else. We will come back to this situation later, when we need to understand the means by which Bill Gates wants to secure the health of his fellow human beings through his foundation. In the above video the question is asked at one point (19:28) whether it is not perhaps not superiority, but fear is what drives Bill Gates to new activities. Interestingly, Venus and Saturn, which trigger the Nichabhanga effect, are mortal enemies of the sun. As a result, they extinguish the negative effects of the sun in the case by, as it were, extinguishing the sun itself. The sun, the natural ruler of the planets, is trapped and hidden in the basement (4th house) and thus prevented from questioning everything. It is fitting that Shani is the Atmakaraka (AK) in the horoscope and Shukra the Amatyakaraka (AmK) - the ruler of the horoscope and his prime minister. The incompetent and weak king has fallen victim to a coup and is hidden from the world by his enemies. Nonetheless, the sun aspects the 10th house - its fate is not entirely hidden from the world. In Navamsha the sun is under the sign of Capricorn and thus under the sign of the mortal enemy Saturn, so it hardly improves and remains under the rule of Saturn. As the master of the 2nd house, the sun is a deadly planet (Maraka) in Bill Gates' horoscope. Nonetheless, the position of a planet as lord of the 2nd house in the 4th house is positively assessed by Maharishi Parashara: "The one who is born will attain all kinds of wealth and (if exalted and in conjunction with Guru) be like a king." Surya is anything but exalted and also not in conjunction with Guru. But Guru is strong in the 2nd house, which is ruled by Surya, and thus offsets the negative effects on the 2nd house that could arise from the fact that the Lord of the 2nd house is in the fall. We will come to the finances in the horoscope later. Aspects on the 1st house: Shani and Rahu We have already addressed the problem of the aspect of Rahu on the 1st house and on the moon. Shani's aspect of the Ascendant is mostly positive. As lord of 7 and 8, Shani is a maraka and enemy of the ascendant Cancer. As a representative of object dominance, it diminishes the liveliness and emotionality of the born

12 Ascendant Cancer is displayed. But he stands higher and gives stability, security, discipline, diligence and good behavior in return. He compensates for the weaknesses that characterize the 1st house due to the negative sides of Chandra and especially Surya - for one price. The Upagraha Gulika in the 1st house In the 1st house there is also one of the shadow planets (Upagraha): Gulika, the son of Saturn. Regarding the position of Gulika in the 1st house, Maharishi Parashara says: "The born is plagued by diseases, is lustful, full of sin, insidious, immoral and very unhappy." Gulika is also activated when the 1st house lord, Chandra, has his Dasha, Antardasha, etc. and is obviously a problematic factor. The aspect of Saturn on his son Gulika can mitigate his negative influence. Conclusion on the 1st house and the central personal factors in the horoscope As Karaka and Lord, Surya (sun) and Chandra (moon) build the basic structure of the 1st house. The sun and moon are sattvik planets and are also called the "heavenly lights". They are king and queen in the society of the planets and the main representatives of consciousness, of subjectivity. They are considered the main sources of light in Jyotish, the science of light, and they naturally have the most rays as well. However, they cannot fulfill this function in the present horoscope due to their unfavorable position in the zodiac signs. As you can see above in the list of planets under "PS" (planetary rays), Surya has 0 rays and Chandra just 4. Shani (Saturn), the representative of objectivity and matter, who is furthest away from the sun and in principle Has the fewest rays of all Grahas, has the most rays with 15 in this horoscope. As Maharishi Parashara explains in chapter 73 of the BPHS, the number of rays of the planets in a horoscope is calculated from a maximum value for each of the 7 Grahas, which is then modified according to the proximity or distance to the exact degree of exaltation and then again according to the Strength of the planet in its zodiac sign. Shani (Saturn) is the most glamorous planet in Bill Gates' horoscope and Surya (sun) is the poorest in glory. The assumption of power by Saturn in the horoscope is underlined by the fact that he is the Atmakaraka in the horoscope. Atmakaraka is the most powerful planet in the chart - none of the other 12

13 planets can achieve something against the will of Atmakaraka, says Parashara. Saturn's aspect on the 1st house is the most positive factor in the 1st house, as Karaka Surya creates extremely poor conditions here and Chandra in the sign of the enemy can only improve the situation little. Without the influence of Saturn, the processes in the 1st house would take place in the area between tamas and rajas-tamas and would be very unpleasant for the affairs of the 1st house - health, personal behavior and character would be of a low level and would be of weakness and Shaped negativity. Shani, the expert for security, protection, stability, reliability, objectivity and discipline in the horoscope, appears in the 1st house as a savior in an emergency, although or precisely because he is an enemy of the sun and the moon, not their task satisfy. In fact, the actually cold and strict Saturn, the representative of the no, the prohibitions and punishments, appears in this chart in its elevation in the Venus sign Libra in its friendliest, gentlest and most positive form, which is underlined by its conjunction with a strong Venus. Saturn and Venus are the secret rulers in this horoscope. Saturn is Lord of the 7th and thus represents the interests of the world towards the born (7) and also the positive, stabilizing influence of the wife on the horoscope owner. As Lord and Karaka of the 8th house, the exalted Shani supports the not very strong 1st house and ensures a long life. Subjectivity must be protected from itself by submitting itself, for its own good, to gentle and friendly objective control - this is the strategy that determines Bill Gates' way of dealing with himself, his personality and his actions. Be how the world wants you and everything will be fine and your survival will be ensured. Global player - the 10th house As the aspect table shows, the 10th house, the house of the public, is fully (4/4) aspected in Bill Gates' chart by 5 planets and 3/4 by one (Mercury) - Strength: 13

14 The fact that so many planets view the 10th house, karma bhava, as an important sphere of interest indicates that working and working in the world are of great importance to Bill Gates. He wants to make a difference in the world and his life shows that he does too. An investigation of the 10th house is intended to reveal what Bill Gates wants to give to the world and effect in it. Let's start with the Karaka and the Lord, who build the basic structure of the 10th house. Mercury as Bhava-Karaka creates the conditions for the 10th house and Mars as lord of the 10th makes something out of it. Both are together in the 3rd house under the sign of Virgo. The 3rd house, Sahaja-Bhava, the house of the "co-born", the siblings is the house of energy, ambition, competition, competition. This is about surpassing others (the co-born) and distinguishing oneself. Mangal (Mars) is the Bhava-Karaka of this house. In principle, it is good for the 10th house that its master and his Karaka take it into consideration and thus take care of their house intensively. Budha is indeed a culprit planet due to the conjunction with Mangal, but as such it stands well in the improving 3rd house and above all exalted in its own sign Virgo. As a planet of language, communication and intelligent organization, Mercury creates excellent conditions for the 10th house. Virgo is a Vaishya sign and Budha is a Vaishya planet. The Vaishyas are the traders and merchants in the Vedic society. Merkur creates the best conditions for economic prosperity in the 10th house: Excellent organization, best communication, intelligent action and an excellent contract policy create the basis for success. 14th

15 Mangal in the 3rd house reinforces the combative note, which with Mars as Karaka of 3 already characterizes the 3rd house. This emphasizes the strong and aggressive drive to outperform all others and defeat competitors. He is a Kshatriya planet, a fighter and a warrior. In the sign of Virgo, Mars is in the sign and under the rule of its mortal enemy Mercury and the conjunction with Mercury exacerbates the conflict between the two. The Kshatriya Mars is very unhappy in this position to have to develop his fighting power and assertiveness in the way of the sign Virgo and thus in the Vaishya way. When a warrior is unhappy he reacts with anger and aggressiveness. Anger the Virgo way in the 3rd house means to fight all competitors with unbridled aggressiveness legally and with economic means. Due to the unfavorable position of Mars and the associated overly aggressive approach, the public reputation of the born (10th house) is undoubtedly damaged. The sign of Aries, whose dynamic characterizes the 10th house, is the most warlike sign in the horoscope, the sign of the conqueror. Budha presents the 10th house as the theater of business, Mars makes it a house of war and conquest. The world is the place that has to be conquered and dominated with economic means, that is the point of view of Bill Gates, at least as far as the basic structure of the 10th house in his horoscope is concerned. Mercury and Mars are enemies. In the 3rd house Mangal is the Karaka and Budha is the master, in the 10th house Budha is the Karaka and Mangal is the master. To a certain extent this creates a willingness to compromise, according to the motto: "If you destroy what I am building and I destroy what you are building, we both have to suffer. How about if we sort it out?" Since Budha in the somewhat stronger position and Mangal is not a mortal enemy, but only an enemy of Budha, compromises can always be found. In the Navamsha, Mangal continues to be under the rule of Budha, but their temporary relationship is better there. Guru (Jupiter) aspects the 10th house from the 2nd house in the sign Leo. Jupiter is in Bill Gates Chart among the planets conducive to the ascendant Cancer, the only one that is well and strongly placed. Its aspect on the 10th from the house of property, language and coexistence with loved ones (2) is extremely beneficial for the 10th house. There it causes expansion, success, power (Leo), knowledge and prosperity. One flaw of Jupiter is that it is ruled by the sun in the fall and that it is in a maraka (death house) house. But overall this aspect is very beneficial. Also the philosophy attributed to the Gates family that one is 15

16 is supposed to handle his own property responsibly and his reputation as a charitable donor is supported by this position of Jupiter. The strong Jupiter in Leo with aspect on the 10th house embodies the principle "knowledge is power". Under the rule of the sun in the Fall, he demonstrates that even a computer nerd, who is by nature a weak and unsuitable ruler, can attain great power with the help of knowledge. I don't mean the word "nerd" derogatory here. The family photo of the world-ruling company Microsoft from 1978 is very fascinating - here is the external link to it. From the 4th house, the Sun, Venus and Saturn aspect the 10th house. We have already spoken of the problem of the position of the sun in the fall. This is projected into the 10th house. Aspects of planets in the 4th house to the 10th house mean that the newborn carries what moves him inside and what he grew up with in the parental home into the world. As for Venus and Saturn, these are excellent qualities of affection, love, balance and caring (Venus) as well as security, stability, reliability and protection (Saturn). Both are extremely powerful because of their position in a corner house. Venus is the strongest benefactor in the Jyotish and is very good in its own sign Libra. Venus in this position is a planet that Parashara says can compensate for all negative factors in the horoscope. Bill Gates was born on a Friday, which adds to the influence of Venus. Saturn is a natural evildoer, but due to its position in the sign of exaltation, it has mainly positive effects. The aspect of both on the 10th house stands for the will and the ability to do good to the world. When so many factors of different quality work together in a house, there is always a very complex dynamic. Public opinion (10.Haus) on Bill Gates' work in the world reflects this complexity. Of the 6 planets that influence the 10th house, 4 have a predominantly positive effect (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) and 2 have a predominantly negative effect (Sun, Mars). But a simple 4: 2 calculation is of course not suitable to adequately assess Bill Gates' activities as a global player from Jyotish's point of view. It is sensible to first examine a person's public impact on the planets that directly influence the 10th house, but that does not mean that the other planets have no influence on it. In the present chart, for example, B. the moon in close interaction with Mercury and Mars, which characterize the 10th house. Rahu is from Mars, the lord of

17 house, dominated. Ketu is under the rule of Venus, who aspects the 10th house. Let us first turn to ketu, about which we have not yet said anything. In the case, Ketu is in the 11th house in Taurus. As a signifier for liberation, Ketu in Taurus, the sign of the material bond, is very unsuitable. As a natural culprit, Ketu is quite well off in the reforming 11th house, but his position on the Fall makes him a problem factor. On the other hand, it is positive that Ketu is ruled by a strong Venus who, as lord of the 11th, can largely compensate for negative effects there. This is especially the case because the effects of the incorporeal Grahas (planets) Rahu and Ketu are produced to a very high degree from the planet which is the Lord of the zodiac in which they stand (dispositor). Ketu will therefore not have any pronounced negative effects in the case of the improving 11th house. Ketu stands for high-tech technology (IT) and its successful and sophisticated marketing - the 11th house is the house of income and profit or profit (Labha), especially if it is connected to an earth sign. There is nothing negative in making a profit by trading high-tech products. The problem is that in this position Ketu is not available for its higher functions such as attaining enlightenment. Another interpretation of ketu in 11 in the Taurus case would be to generate business profits through dishonest means or over-the-counter business partners - see the section on wealth below. Dashamsha - detailed view of the 10th house The Dashamsha-Varga-Chart allows a more refined view of the 10th house, which shows the born from the point of view of power and their position in society and the world. A sign of the zodiac is divided here into 10 sections of 3 each. 17th

18 What is striking about this chart is that all 4 kendras (corner houses) are occupied by planets that are also in moving signs. This gives this chart great strength and emphasizes once again the great importance of the 10th house in Bill Gates' horoscope. And all 4 are related to the 10th house: Shani as lord and aspectator is the most powerful factor, Surya, still in a very weak position, lives in the 10th house, Mangal aspects it and Chandra rules over Shani, the lord of 10. Among the Varga -Charts, one pays particular attention to factors that confirm the Rashi chart. With regard to the 10th house in the Rashi chart, the following factors in particular are confirmed: the great influence of Saturn, the Sun and Mars, the aspect of Jupiter on the 10th and the weak position of the Sun and Mars. Wealth - Houses 2 and 11 Bill Gates was considered the richest man in the world for a long time and is at number 3 in 2020. The great wealth must also be seen in his Jyotish chart. In his description of the yogas for wealth, Parashara almost always considers the 11th house (income) in connection with the 2nd house (possession), often also with a view to the 12th house (expenses). The 11th house, house of income: The 11th house coincides with the sign of Taurus, the sign of material possession par excellence. A bull statue stands in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as a symbol of the steady upswing in prices (bull market, bull market). Venus, the lord of 11, stands strongly in its own sign Libra, the sign of trade, in a corner house (4). Jupiter, the Karaka of the 11th house, is strongly influenced by the best friend in the 2nd house, the house of property. Thus, the two best benefactors in the horoscope build the 11th house in a strong position. As a resident, Ketu is a foreign body in this excellent basic structure and stands in the fall. He points out very unusual, hard-to-see factors related to income and unexpected gains and losses. Ketu also represents extremely advanced technology. As a signifier for detachment and liberation, Ketu also stands for giving away the income or investing it - or for a clever to deceitful way of making profits. For the latter, Microsoft's "copying" of Apple's Windows technology, the dubious method with which Microsoft in a "jihad" eliminated the Netscape Navigator from the market in order to enforce Internet Explorer, the ingenious contract with IBM or the more than inexpensive purchase from QDOS from the company SCP serve as examples - see the interesting YouTube video "The Microsoft Story - Computer Pioneer Bill Gates". The aspect of the extreme 18th

19 destructive Rahu on the 11th house seems to me to be even more relevant in this regard. We'll talk about the role of Ketu when it comes to Bill Gates as a charitable donor. In the 11th house there are also 2 shadow planets (Upagrahas), Vyatipata and Pranapada, which are always activated together with Venus and have positive effects here. A very unusual constellation. Maharishi Parashara to Vyatipata in house 11: "The born is extremely wealthy, honorable, truthful, has political talent, owns many horses and loves singing." And to Pranapada in 11: "The born is famous, virtuous, learned, rich, has a light skin color and is very fond of his mother." Wealth is mentioned in both constellations. The 11th house receives a full aspect only from Rahu, which is not surprising, since Rahu and Ketu always aspect each other. One can only rate this aspect very negatively; he brings an influence of insatiable greed and unscrupulous brutality into working life. The 2nd house, house of property: The strong Jupiter is Karaka and resident at the same time and, as an expansive benefactor planet, creates good conditions for the 2nd house. The master of the house is Surya, the sun. That Surya is in a corner house is positive, as is the position of the Lord of 2 in 4; Here again Parashara's assessment of the Lord of 2 in 4: "The one who is born will attain all kinds of wealth and (if exalted and in conjunction with Guru) be like a king." But the position in the case is very negative. Surya in the case of the 2nd house does little to acquire property. However, there are a few factors that reduce the negative effects of Surya: Surya is under the rule of Shukra, which is reinforced by the fact that Shukra is in the same house as Surya. In addition, Surya receives a full 20 out of 20 strength points in the Hora - a subchart (Varga) that is about wealth. This is an indication that Surya, in terms of wealth and possessions, is not manifesting the full destructive potential of a planet in the Fall. Surya will be mentioned later when it comes to Bill Gates as a charitable donor. There is also a shadow planet (Upagraha) in the 2nd house, which is always activated together with Surya, the lord of the 2nd. Maharishi Parashara on the position of Indra Chapa in the 2nd house: "The born speaks affably, is very rich, humble, learned, attractive and religious." Indra Chapa brings great wealth and therefore also improves the effects of Surya on the 2nd house. The 2nd house does not receive full aspects. Guru is clearly the more positive factor in the 2nd house compared to Surya and, as Karaka and residents, also the more influential factor in the 2nd house. As well as 19

20 Surya Guru receives a full 20 out of 20 strength points in the Hora, the sub-chart for wealth. The 12th House, House of Expenses: Income and possessions are of little use when expenses get out of hand. The Shani, elevated in the 4th house, creates good conditions for the 12th house and Budha, the master of the 12th house stands strong (elevated) in the 3rd house; this represents intense and successful efforts to keep spending under control. When Karaka and master of a house are exalted, a house usually brings few problems. In the Navamsha chart there is a strong Budha (Mercury) in Leo, in the sign of the best friend, in the 1st house master of the houses of income (11) and property (2), but in conjunction with a still weak ketu; the latter stands for Bill Gates' announcement that large parts of his fortune will be donated to charity. Mercury rules the three strong planets Mangal, Shukra and Shani in the 11th house, all of which are involved in raja yogas in Navamsha. Whatever is donated, an excellent income is ensured even in the second half of life. The House of Issues (12) is ruled here by Chandra in the Fall, but who is aspected from the 10th by an influential guru in Taurus. Relationships Among computer nerds, it is common to imagine people who have few friends and social relationships and are just sitting alone in front of their computer. In the case of Bill Gates, on the other hand, it is noticeable that he worked with others from the beginning and is obviously good at maintaining social contacts. In the 7th house, the house of personal relationships, Shukra is the Karaka and Shani is the Lord. Both stand together in the 4th house, Shukra in his own sign and Shani exalted. Shukra rules over Shani. The fact that the exalted Shani is also ruled by a strong planet, which is itself in its own sign, Shani upgrades again. The conjunction of both is to be assessed very positively, as they are natural friends. All of this together causes the very good ability to build harmonious (Shukra) and stable (Shani) relationships with other people. Shukra is also master of the 11th house, the house of friends. Many economic bosses appear as ice-cold fighting machines, barely recognizable as humans, wrapped in a thick armor out of seriousness, with a predatory smile that looks like a threatening mask and an objective-mechanical way of speaking. Bill Gates, on the other hand, appears friendly, lively and humorous, albeit a certain calculating 20

21 cunning cannot be misunderstood. This is not just a facade, you are unmistakably dealing with a human being. The conjunction of Shukra and Shani with Surya in the case means that Bill Gates does not come to the fore in his relationships. Surya elevated in Aries indicates an over-person, an overwhelmingly powerful ego, while Surya in the case produces a kind, inconspicuous person, a weak ego that puts itself at the service of others. But that's just one factor on the chart. During the negotiations with IBM, for example, it was certainly an advantage for Bill Gates to present himself to the IBM bosses as a harmless and apparently weak computer nerd. They were then allowed to learn later that this was not the whole truth. The charitable donor - the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation In 1994 Bill Gates set up a foundation for the first time, at that time under the name and leadership of his father - see Wikipedia article on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This was in the Shukra-Mahadasha, Guru-Antardasha, thus in the main and sub-phase of the two best benefactor planets in a horoscope, which are also strong in Bill Gates' chart. This foundation was renamed the "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" in 1999 (Shukra-Budha) and became the largest private foundation in the world with contributions of almost 50 billion dollars. By 2018 Bill Gates had already donated 1/3 of his fortune, 36 billion dollars, and announced that he would give 95% of his fortune to the foundation by the end of his life. He has other billionaires too, such as B. Warren Buffet, successfully inspired to donate significant portions of her fortune. The main goal of the foundation is to improve health care worldwide; The focus so far has been the fight against malaria and polio, and recently also that of the coronavirus. In terms of fighting corona, the foundation has already made $ 226 million available to develop a vaccine. The interaction of the individual planetary factors in the horoscope can only be properly understood through his activity as the largest charitable donor in the world. To explain this, here is a dispositor diagram that shows the power relations of the planets in Bill Gates' chart: 21

22 Budha (Mercury) and Shukra (Venus) are each at the top of a hierarchy. Both stand strongly in their own symbol. Shukra is more powerful because she rules over herself and directly and indirectly over another 5 planets. Budha rules over himself and 2 other planets. Ultimately, Shani (Saturn), who forms a unit with Shukra, is even more powerful than Budha. Shukra and Shani are the most powerful planets in the horoscope. They stand together in an influential corner house and each rule over a corner house. Shani is the atmakaraka in the horoscope, of which Parashara says in chapter 32 of the BPHS: "Just as a minister cannot act against the king, so can the other karakas, such as Putrakaraka, Amatyakaraka, etc., differ on matters of the born cannot prevail against the Atmakaraka. If the Atmakaraka is against it, the other Karakas cannot develop their beneficial effects properly. Likewise, if the Atmakaraka is beneficial, other Karakas cannot prevail with their negative influences. " Just as Shani is the king as Atmakaraka, so Shukra is the king's prime minister as Amatyakaraka. In addition, Shukra rules over Shani and other planets. Ultimately, Shukra and Shani can be seen as equally influential. When it comes to charity, Shukra is the deciding factor. Shukra is generally the best benefactor planet in Jyotish. In Bill Gates' chart Shukra is in the 4th house, which not only strengthens her because it is a kendra (corner house), but also because the 4th house is the perfect position for her in terms of directional strength (dikbala). Venus stands as its master in the family house (Bandhu), is Karaka of the 7th house (partner, world, other people), master of the 11th house (friends, income) and fully aspect the 10th house (world, public) and therefore connects all these houses and areas of life. As a strong benefactor, she stands in the sign of Libra, the sign of justice and the balance of give and take. Shukra immediately rules over 3 natural evil-doer planets that are in the signs of Shukra (Libra and Taurus): Surya, Shani, and Ketu. As a result of his position in the sign of exaltation, Shani is not to be regarded as a culprit. Surya and Ketu, on the other hand, become extreme evildoers because they are under the sign of the fall. These two play a very specific role in relation to Bill Gate's status as a charitable donor. As the master and thus the most influential factor of the 2nd house, Surya destroys property and assets in the fall. As a resident of the 11th house, Ketu destroys the income in the fall. So you ensure that the wealth of the 22nd

23 born is lost. Shukra as a strong benefactor and lord of Surya and Ketu gives this loss a positive twist and gives it the form of benevolence. It is as if these 3 stand together as fairies at the cradle (as in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty) and announce their intentions. Surya threatens: I will destroy the wealth of the born. Ketu pronounces the curse: I will destroy the income of the born. And Shukra says with a smile: So be it, but the loss should take the form of charitable donations. Donating large parts of his income and assets is also an extremely intelligent way of averting the disaster that the two culprits could bring upon him. Surya generally stands as the Karaka of the 1st house for life and health. Surya in the fall as lord accordingly stands for death and illness. In particular, as the master of a death house (2), Surya becomes a dangerous maraka (death-bringing planet) and can cause great problems in its phases and sub-phases. Ketu is not so dangerous in this regard as he is in a reforming house (11). When the master or resident of one of the death houses (2 and 7) has his dasha, antardasha, etc., Maharishi Parashara recommends 2 things as a remedy for the negative effects: Vedic recitations and yagyas (sacrifices) and charitable giving of gifts. So charitable giving is actually a Vedic technology for averting danger. Bill Gates acts as if he had been advised by a very good Vedic astrologer. And - now it's getting really exciting - there are indications that this was actually the case! On the Internet I found an April 2004 article in the Times of India about the astrologer Pandit Kedar Sharma, which reported: "Panditji's predictions ... even impressed Bill Gates, the American billionaire. Sharamaji made some predictions about Bill Gates who came true, and one lucky Gates sent him a check for five million dollars, which he returned with thanks! As a matter of principle, he doesn't take money for anything he does. He doesn't accept anything in cash or in cash In kind. " Here is the link to the English article and here is the link to a rough German translation (with Deepl, slightly revised).The article is also interesting because it shows, using the example of Pandit Kedar Sharma, what perfection is in Vedic astrology (Jyotish Mati Pragya). The consciousness is so highly developed that no computer is required for the calculations. The consciousness has direct access to the planetarium that is built into every brain and calculates 23 in a very short time

24 the planet stands: "What is special about Panditji? People who have visited him talk in detail about his precise predictions. The moment he sees a person, he tells him the date, time and place of his birth ... He works out something in his head, and within a minute he writes down all the details of the person. He draws the person's horoscope in his mind and then draws the horoscope on a piece of paper. " Over the years I have found several reports on the internet of people who have realized Jyotish Mati Pragya. It speaks for Bill Gates that he was able to take advantage of such advice - it certainly has something to do with the moon in the 9th house and its strength in the Vimshamsha chart (1/20), which has spirituality as an issue . But back to charity. Charitable giving (dana) as a Vedic technology is a good thing. When someone donates such a large portion of his fortune, there is no need to suspect any secret profit-making intentions. Charity to offset negative karma, however, only works if you donate to a worthy recipient who does good with the money. For example, giving money to a drug addict, who then poisoned himself with his help and at the same time promotes drug trafficking, that would be the Tamas variant of Dana and would not do anything good for the donor. In Bill Gates' horoscope, as has been shown, there is a whole series of negative, Tamas-Rajas shaped, planetary factors, which are so closely linked with the positive planetary factors that they impair judgment, goodwill and the action of Can overshadow the born. The fact that, as the dispositor diagram above shows, the benevolent planets are at the top of the hierarchy does little to change this. Often the boss knows nothing about what his subordinates are doing on his behalf. In concrete terms, this means that the critical question arises as to the extent to which donations to the World Health Organization (WHO), to the profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry and its research institutions and especially to the "vaccination mafia" really do good. In this chart, Surya stands for illness and not for health and Ketu for fraudulent means to make profits. In Ayur-Veda, health is primarily understood as sovereignty. Svasthya (health) means to be founded in self and in oneself. A vaccination intervenes from the outside in a healthy organism and sets the immune system into turmoil by a faked powerful enemy in the expectation that the immune system is then well prepared for the real enemy. Interestingly, it is precisely this mechanism that is found in the 24th

25 Chart by Bill Gates. Mars, which embodies the immune system, is under the sign of Gemini (nervous system) under the sign of its mortal enemy Mercury in the house of drive and unrest (3). This corresponds to an immune system in constant stress. Mars also aspects the House of Disease (6) of which it is the Karaka. In the case of the coronavirus in particular, it is very questionable how useful a vaccination is. Are antibodies produced at all? How long do they last? In view of the intensified research into a vaccine and the fantastic profits associated with a vaccine, horrific side effects are also to be expected - which, however, will later probably not be proven as consequences of the vaccination on the basis of "scientific reports". For his commitment to the development of a corona vaccine, Bill Gates often encounters not only mistrust, but also open hatred. As an example, just look at the comments on the YouTube video that BILD published on the occasion of the death of Bill Gate's father. There is even a rumor that Bill Gates himself unleashed the coronavirus on the world in order to make billions from the vaccine. Even if there is often more truth in "conspiracy theories" than in the official statements of the mainstream media, that is probably quite absurd, but it shows the negative emotions that his charitable work in this area triggers. But not only emotions, but also very reasonable reasons speak in favor of viewing him critically in this regard. In an interview that can be seen on Youtube, Bill Gates finds such "conspiracy theories" and the criticism of his engagement "ironic", "almost funny" and hopes that the vast majority of people will listen to the voice of reason and themselves later vaccinated against corona. Vaccinations are a great thing and have saved many thousands of lives. While he might know that he is in no way a health professional, there is no sign yet to suggest that he could question himself critically about this. This time, too, he will probably see resistance again only as an incentive to increase commitment (Mars in 3). Why doesn't he limit himself to giving away computers and software to third world countries? He knows something about that. The question is of course rhetorical. Seen from the Jyotish point of view, the sun, the signifier of health, is so weak that it constantly needs the support of other planetary factors, so here from Svasthya, sovereignty (also a sign of a 25th

26 strong sun), out of the question. Since the sun affects the 10th house, he exports the strategy to the world that health can only be secured through the use of external aids (vaccination). The logic of ignorance. There is also a lot of light to be seen here in terms of his activity as a charitable donor - an admirable, almost unbelievable generosity - and also darkness in terms of the concrete effects. The overall picture As mentioned at the beginning and now confirmed many times, a chart as complex as Bill Gates' cannot be assessed in black and white. Two groups are clearly visible in the Gunas table: light factors (sattva) and darkness factors (tamas). As in the Bhagavad-Gita, the armies of the Deva incarnations (Budha, Shukra, Shani, Guru) and the Asura incarnations (Surya, Rahu, Ketu, Mangal and also Chandra), Pandavas and Kauravas stand here on the battlefield of life , opposite, the latter slightly outnumbered. "A lot of light and a lot of darkness" could be the conclusion, but that is very general. The fact that the two groups of light and darkness are facing each other only applies to the table - in the chart itself, the positive and negative factors are interwoven in many ways. Before I examined Bill Gates' horoscope more closely, I saw him predominantly as a Microsoft boss, as the founder and head of one of the large multinational monster corporations that strive for world domination, ruthlessly eliminating or buying up their competitors, exclusively for profit and power strive and present themselves to the outside world as benefactors who lead humanity into a brave new world of progress and joy. I still see the Microsoft group critically, but after analyzing Bill Gates' chart, I now understand him more than a person 26

27 and see him in a more balanced and actually more positive way than before - which surprised me to a certain extent. Especially because of the unusually good and strong position of Venus in his horoscope, one cannot see him as a completely loveless person and has to admit that he wants to do good. The philanthropist Bill Gates is not just a deceptive mask, but definitely expresses an important part of his personality. But as we have seen, his horoscope also shows other sides of him. What will happen when? - the Mahadashas Instead of trying to make an overall judgment on such a complex chart with planetary factors that are so qualitatively different, let's look at the times at which the different planets are activated. Here is an overview of the Mahadashas: The strongest positive planetary factors on Bill Gates 'chart - Shani, Budha and Shukra - have their Mahadashas in the first 45 years of Bill Gates' life. During this time, the success story of Bill Gates and the Microsoft company unfolded. Ketu is less out of line than it seems when it comes to beneficial effects, as it primarily brings out the results of its distributor Shukra. In 1980/1981, at the end of the Ketu-Mahadasha, Bill Gates signed the contract with IBM, which once again accelerated Microsoft's rise enormously. IBM, which, as the market leader in the field of mainframes, did not take the PC market too seriously - and also Bill Gates and Microsoft - gave Microsoft the freedom (Ketu) to make the supplied operating system available to companies other than IBM, because IBM feared no competition; tricked (Ketu) - see external link to the article "Bill Gates and the deal of his life" and the external link to an article in Computerwoche magazine. The following Shukra-Mahadasha then brought the final rise of Microsoft to a global corporation and from Bill Gates to a global player. From the year 2002 the Mahadashas of the weakly placed negative factors in the horoscope began - Surya, Chandra, Mars and Rahu. In the 27