How do I pay Uber with Paytm

How to set up UPI payments in Uber (tutorial)

UPI, or Unified Payment Interface, is an initiative by the National Payment Corporation of India to create a safe and secure payment method that works instantly. UPI was started as an initiative to make India a cashless economy. As more and more merchants and service providers begin to exclude UPI as a payment method, the need for cash will dwindle in the future. Since its inception, the payment service has expanded its reach and has now become the norm across India. A few days ago, Uber updated its app to support the UPI payment option in India. Uber has partnered with NPCI along with India's two leading banks (Axis and HDFC) to enable this integration. UPI is a very safe and easy payment method that will help drivers across India to easily pay for their rides. This article covers the benefits of using UPI with Uber and shows you the steps required to set up UPI as a payment method for Uber:

Note: Currently, Uber's UPI integration is only available to Android users.The iOS update should appear shortly.However, the process will be the same for both iPhone and iPad users when the update is available.

Set up UPI with Uber

Setting up UPI with your Uber account may be different depending on whether or not you have already set up a UPI account. If you already have a UPI ID, there are just a few steps to take. However, if you don't have a UPI ID, you'll need to set it up as well. Fortunately, we can do that right in the Uber app. So let's not waste any more time and get started with the setup.

Use existing UPI ID in Uber

1. Let's start with the simpler method first. This works if you already have a UPI ID. Launch the Uber app and tap top left on the hamburger menu . Here tap on the "Payments" option .

2. Tap on here "Add Payment Method" then select UPI .

3. If you have already set up a UPI ID, tap on "Link existing payment address". Give you now Enter your UPI ID and tap "Save" . At this point, Uber will charge an INR 1 token to confirm your ID and will then be added to your payment option.

Create a UPI ID in Uber

1. If you don't already have a UPI ID, we'll create one in Uber now. In step 3, tap on "Link an existing payment address", tap the button " Next "and on the next page click the" Register "button .

2. You will now be asked in the app to dial the number that is registered in your bank account. If you are using a smartphone with only one SIM card, make sure the number you use matches the one registered in your bank account . If you are using a dual SIM device, you will need to select the number associated with your bank account. For example, I selected "SIM 2" as this is the number associated with my bank account. On the next page, just tap the name of your bank .

3. Once you tap on your bank's name, a pop-up card will appear with your bank account. Just tap on it. On the next page we will register your debit card. Give easy fill in the required information and click the "Submit" button .

4. On this page, your phone number will be verified again. Enter the OTP, then create your four-digit PIN . This is the PIN you use to authorize all of your UPI payments. Think of it like your ATM PIN. You have to enter it every time you make a transaction.

5. If you have followed the steps correctly so far, have You created your own unique UPI ID . Your unique ID, also known as the "payment address", should now be visible. Make a note of this.

6. Now that we've created the UPI ID, we're going to use it to add UPI as a payment method in Uber. Walk you just on Payment-> Add Payment Method-> UPI . Instead of tapping on "Next", we tap on "Link to existing payment address" . Enter the UPI ID (payment address) you just created and tap "Save".

7. Well, as I mentioned earlier, will Request INR 1 token moneyto confirm the entered Authenticate payment address . Here, click the Next button and then tap Close. In case you are wondering about the token money, it will be returned to your account after authentication.

Approve UPI Transactions in Uber

You need to think now about where do I approve this transaction. Here I will show how to do it. The fee charged by Uber will be displayed in your UPI app. If you created your UPI ID outside of Uber or you already had a UPI ID, the fee in the app displayed with you created your ID .

Since we created the UPI ID with Uber and Uber uses Axis Bank as its provider, you need to install the Axis Bank UPI app.

  1. Ubers UPI payment is made by Axis Bank provided. We install the "BHIM Axis Pay UPI App" . Click the links to install and launch the app (Android / iOS). When you start the app, select your phone number with which we have set up our UPI ID.

2. Simply enter your name and email ID on this page and set a 6-digit access code for your app. Make sure the passcode is different from the before created PIN differs . The passcode allows you to access the app while the PIN authorizes your transactions. Lead together they use the security function of 2-factor authentication . Now tap on "First Steps".

3. See it on the home page of the app You have a pending request from Uber . Tap on it. On the next page, a simple infographic shows the parties to the transaction. Tap easy on the "Approve" button .

4. You will now be asked to enter the PIN to authenticate the payment. Enter the 4-digit PIN we created . Now that the payment has been approved, UPI has been added as a payment method in your Uber account. To confirm this, walk you just go to the "Payment" option in the Uber app and you will find it there .

Benefits of Using UPI in Uber

If you already had a UPI ID, using this payment method is not a piece of cake. But those of you who need to create your UPI ID to pay to Uber have to think about why I have to jump through so many hoops to create a different payment method when I can still use the older ones. Well I want to tell you that there are many advantages to using UPI over other payment methods. Let's break it down for all of the other payment methods present in Uber, one by one.

Well, that's pretty straight forward. No need to carry cash with you when using UPI payment. No cash means no headache when switching and no fumbling at the end of every journey.

  • UPI vs Credit / Debit Cards

If you use cards as your payment system, you will have to go through the entire process of entering your CVV number each time you drive and then waiting for the OTP. If you use Uber as much as I do, you will understand how frustrating it is to do so. There is no such problem with UPI. At the end of your trip, Uber will send a payment request to your UPI ID. To pay, simply start your UPI app and approve the request by entering the PIN . As simple as that.

All of the above benefits are also provided by Paytm. The payment process is even easier than UPI's as the money is automatically withdrawn from your Paytm wallet. Then why should you use UPI? First of all, you have to top up money in the digital wallet at Paytmwhich is not the case with UPI, since with UPI the money is debited directly from your bank account. Second, need to You maintain a minimum balance in your Paytm wallet (INR 350)to book a taxi. This means that you have to remember to top up your Paytm wallet from time to time. To Last but not least, the money stored in the Paytm wallet is not as liquid as the money in your account . By that I mean that the money in your account can be used in several scenarios (e.g. withdraw cash, transfer, etc.) and then the money stored in your Paytm wallet.

Given the reasons above, suffice it to say that using UPI is better than using any other payment method present in the Uber app.

Use UPI to pay for Uber rides

In this article, I've done my best to explain the entire process of setting up the UPI payment system in the Uber app. If you still have any doubts, feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below. Now that you know the benefits of using UPI, you tend to use it over the other payment options. Let us know your thoughts on this matter. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.