What makes a sustainable farm sustainable

A large part of the agricultural work consists of the maintenance of the landscape and the preservation of nature. That is why we attach great importance to keeping the ecological footprint of our farm as small as possible. This is the only way for our descendants to enjoy the beauty of the nature reserve on the Alz.

Wood chip plant and solar cells

The hot water preparation and the heating is realized by a modern wood chip system and our solar cells. We get by with the power of the sun for a long time. Only when it is cold and we have to turn on the heating, the wood chip plant is put into operation. This is environmentally friendly, as the wood chips only emit as much CO2 as they absorbed in nature. This is why this type of heating is called CO2-neutral.


We cover most of the electricity needs with our photovoltaic systems on the roof of the farm. Any overproduction of electricity is not wasted, but fed into the public power grid. We only use the public power grid in the event of very high consumption, bad weather and at night.

Exchange of experiences

If you are interested in environmentally friendly technology for your house, we would be happy to share our experience with this technology. In the course of time we have recognized the advantages and disadvantages and finally came to a very positive and cost-saving result.