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A culinary journey with iSi

Ferran Adriá shaped modern culinary art like no other. His innovative approach to breaking down dishes into their component parts and interpreting them through different textures influenced and inspired top chefs around the world. Espumas, i.e. the processing of various foods into airy foam, were an essential part of Adria's creations and soon became internationally successful. Today it is impossible to imagine top cuisine without foams.

They taste sweet and fruity or salty and piquant and surprise the palate with ever new taste perspectives, but this technique offers the chef an almost endless creativity. An indispensable kitchen helper when it comes to the production of the finest Espumas is iSi and the new iSi Cookbook offers inspiration for working with iSi appliances.

Discover the culinary diversity of our earth with iSi and go on a varied journey to regional specialties and innovative culinary creations. This takes you through 18 countries and is accompanied by 34 top chefs, three mixologists and a barista. You worked with iSi and shared your ideas with iSi. The result is a collection of her best recipes that promise "exuberant" enjoyment - you will then get a first foretaste of the iSi cookbook with three exciting recipe tips to cook at home:

Leek velouté with prawns and balsamic vinegar (center)

Beef boiled beef pink cooked & roasted potatoes espuma & chives emulsion (right)

Caramel chocolate espresso with orange foam (left)

Let yourself be inspired! Discover the whole world in one book!
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