What are the uses for DMPs

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Kick off and preparation 

First of all, the most important use cases were defined for which the use of the DMP can create added value. For this purpose, the functionality of the DMP was ensured and checked through initial test campaigns.

In order to identify the “right user”, it must be possible to collect as much relevant information about him as possible. The problem is that at the beginning the user information is very fragmented and stored in separate data sources.

Against this background, the customer's entire technical infrastructure was analyzed in order to filter out relevant data sources. One of the most important challenges in this project was the issue of data protection. Particularly when installing the “Cookie Law Banner” and using the “Unique Identifier”, the focus was on close cooperation with the data protection team. Following the data protection approval, the control tag was implemented in order to connect the various data interfaces and combine them into an individual “customer ID” based on the unique identifier.


As part of the technical implementation, the data sources considered to be value-adding were connected - both online and offline. For the website data in particular, the implementation of the data layer and the tagging of the various measurement points on the website were also important.

The aim is to match the data with one another in such a way that they can be assigned to a user from different data sources. For this purpose, the DMP assigns each user a unique identification number that can be used to link customer data across all systems that have been read.

Segmentation & Test campaignn 

In the last step, different target group segments were formed on the basis of the collected data and, after evaluating various test campaigns, the first conclusions for the future use of programmatic marketing were drawn.

The DMP solution was initially established at enviaM, a regional energy supplier. This was followed by assignments at Süwag, a regional energy supplier with headquarters in Frankfurt, as well as innogy and innogy directly.