Which planet is called Mangal in Hindi

What is the origin of the Indian weekday names?

The ancient Hindus did not regularly use "days of the week" (although they are attested). The reason for this was that the Hindu calendar used the Middle Ages prior to AD 1100 ( Called Madhyama ) and this can shift days from one month to another. They had a division into days, which were assigned as a day to each planet as follows:

  1. Ravivara
  2. Somavara
  3. Mangalavara
  4. Budhavara
  5. Brihaspatvara
  6. Sukravara
  7. Sanivara

This is just one possible naming scheme, and many others are found in ancient Indian scripts.

More important among the ancient Hindus was the lunisolar calendar, in which each day was numbered, similar to that of the Romans. Like the Romans, the month was divided into two 15-day fortnight, with the first Suddha (Grow) and the second Bahula (Losing weight) was.

Note that there is no regular calendar in India, but many of them are used for different purposes. It is estimated that there are about 30 different commonly used calendars in India today.

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The extent to which the Indians use the Nordic names of the week is due to the influence of the Portuguese and English.

Sara Costa

... is due to the influence of the Portuguese and English. The Portuguese? But the Portuguese weekdays had nothing to do with planets and gods for centuries! How did you influence?

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Martinho de Braga, Bishop of Braga, coined the days of the week currently used in Portugal in the 6th century.