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Rolex vs. Omega: Which Watch Is Better?

Rolex or Omega? It's not that easy to answer: Both watch brands are held in high esteem. Many watch lovers who wear a Rolex on their wrist would like to buy an Omega next - and vice versa. What is the difference between the two brands and which watch is better? You can find out in our comparison between Rolex and Omega.

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Rolex or Omega: the story

Both Rolex and Omega look back on a long tradition in watch history. Rolex is probably the watch manufacturer with the most patents worldwide: More than 400 patents have been registered since 1905, including pioneering innovations in the areas of waterproof and automatic winding. Omega also comes up with groundbreaking innovations such as the co-axial escapement and is best known for an event steeped in history: a Speedmaster was the first wristwatch on the moon (on Buzz Aldrin's wrist). In the 1960s, the Omega brand enjoyed great prestige and was probably even better known than Rolex; today it's the other way around.

Brand perception

The Rolex brand has two different types of perception: On the one hand, the brand exudes luxury and prosperity and is often worn by people who want to exude this. On the other hand, it meets the highest demands in terms of manufacturing quality and functionality. In addition, there are unmistakable designs that have been cultivated over the past decades and, if at all, only carefully modernized. The crown and the corresponding lettering ensure worldwide recognition.
A study by the watch magazine watchtime showed, however, that the Rolex brand is highly polarized, i.e. it is either loved or hated. This is probably related to Rolex's bling-bling image that still prevails in the minds of a (few) people. However, this image has absolutely nothing to do with the actual brand orientation of the Swiss company.

Just like Rolex, Omega is one of the most famous watch brands in the world, but hardly polarizes. The watch brand is popular for long-term collections such as the Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation. In the perception of the brand, an Omega is the ideal watch for the modern gentleman, embodied by George Clooney or James Bond.

Lasting value

Rolex watches are considered to be very stable in value. In particular, the stainless steel sports models are known for their increase in value. In addition, the watches from the Geneva-based manufacturer are robust and reliable. In most cases, they will serve their wearer for many years, even without service. The revision is recommended every five years. That is how long the guarantee period is.

Omega watches also keep their value, especially some models from the Seamaster and Speedmaster series (e.g. Diver 300, Ploprof, Mark II, De Ville), which are particularly popular with collectors. Since the watches from the Biel watchmaker are also very low-maintenance and suitable for everyday use, service is recommended every five years.

Rolex vs. Omega: Seamaster or Submariner?

The two diving watches Omega Seamaster and Rolex Submariner both have a wide fan base. But which watch is the better?

In terms of the long tradition, the two models are close to each other:

1948: First Omega Seamaster

1954: First Rolex Submariner

With both watch brands, the classic stainless steel versions are the most popular, but there are also white or yellow gold versions, diving watches in two-tone or titanium versions. Both brands can boast of the quick adjustment of the bracelet as well as a ceramic bezel. A small plus point on the part of Omega could be the helium valve. During professional deep diving, it ensures pressure equalization inside the watch and thus prevents the watch glass from being pushed out in the worst case. However, this is not necessary for normal recreational diving. The movements of the two divers are comparably robust and require little maintenance. A clear difference, however, is the price: The Seamaster is significantly cheaper than the Submariner.

If you want to decide between the two diving watches, you can rely on your own gut feeling: which watch do you like better? Because in terms of tradition, functionality and design, the two diving watch classics don't take anything away. Both are made with the greatest attention to detail.

Rolex vs. Omega: Speedmaster or Daytona?

When it comes to chronographs, too, Rolex and Omega offer two iconic models that will be compared at this point. Both chronographs were developed in the 50s / 60s as chronographs for racing drivers:

1957: First Omega Speedmaster

1963: First Rolex Daytona

The Speedmaster did not make history until a few years later (1969) as the first watch on the moon; since then it has been known as “Moonwatch”.
Both the Speedmaster and the Daytona have three totalizers and a tachymeter scale on the dial and are absolutely comparable in terms of their functionality. One difference is the perception of the models: while the Daytona is viewed as a luxurious, fine timepiece, the Speedmaster is traded more as a functional timepiece. The biggest difference between the two models is again the lower price of the Speedmaster.

Rolex vs. Omega: Who Wins?

The comparison shows: Whether Rolex or Omega is above all an emotional decision - and perhaps a question of the wallet: When it comes to the lower prices, Omega clearly wins the battle among the Swiss watch gangs. When it comes to the highest market shares, the highest sales and the highest brand value, the brand with the crown remains the undisputed winner.

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