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Made in Germany: Hollywood stars with German roots

Quite a few stars from the film and music industry actually have close relatives in Germany or come from the land of poets and thinkers themselves. Most of these Hollywood actors have been living on the other end of the pond for a long time and need to ... well, polish up their German language skills. Gala.de has researched for you and shows you the stars with German roots. One or the other surprise is waiting for you!

German stars in Hollywood

Behind it there are exciting stories: For some actors it was the parents who emigrated from destroyed Germany in the post-war period in order to dare to start again. Or mum and dad come from a German colony in South Africa, as is the case with Charlize Theron. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous Hollywood stars with German roots and has not forgotten that to this day: You often see his relatives from the Ruhr area when Leo celebrates another premiere.

"German with a hint"

There are definitely German actors in Hollywood too: Sandra Bullock lived in Nuremberg until she was twelve. And then there is the other extreme - the stars with distant relatives in good old Germany. Taylor Swift's great-great-great-grandfather is a true Bavarian, Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber are Hollywood stars with German roots. Okay, so slowly you have to turn a blind eye, but even Victoria Beckham has at least a Swabian touch. It's amazing how you can retrace the traces of the beautiful and famous to so many pristine villages.