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These are the fastest cars in GTA Online - as of 2021

Which is actually the fastest car in GTA Online? In this list we show you the fastest cars in 2021, where to buy them and their price.

What cars can you find in GTA Online? GTA 5's online mode offers a wide range of fast cars. So there are the typical sports cars that are modeled on classics such as Ferraris.

But there are also cars with rocket propulsion, miniguns and rocket throwers. Some can even swim or fly.

What do you need the fastest cars for? If you drive a particularly fast car in GTA Online, you can quickly get from A to B. You also have great advantages in time trials or races against other players.

We will update this article here regularly for you as the top 10 fastest vehicles in GTA Online change.

Update from January 18, 2021: We have added the Coquette D10, the Nero Custom, the Deluxo and the Tyrant to the top speed list. The table now consists of the first 20 places.

The list with the fastest lap times has been expanded to include new vehicles from the Open Wheel series and has also been adapted to the top 20 places.

For this purpose, we have created an extra overview for the vehicles in the open-wheel series. Since the formula cars change their driving characteristics depending on the downforce, we have presented this clearly for you.

List of fastest cars from GTA Online as of January 2021

The fastest cars by top speed: There are several factors to consider when looking for the fastest car in GTA 5 Online. You can sort them purely according to top speed.

YouTuber Broughy did that in a special and presented the 10 fastest cars, sorted according to their top speed. There are also cars with a rocket boost. However, the maximum speed is measured over a longer period of time. Not just as a tip during a boost.

Annotation: Experience has shown that the speedometers in GTA Online are not particularly reliable. Broughy's numbers correspond to the “real” speed of the cars. It is quite possible that GTA Online sometimes shows you different values ​​for the speed. But that doesn't change anything in the ranking.

The thing to note is that there are many variables when it comes to top speed in GTA Online. Which may lead to different (and higher) top speeds. Beyond that, however, is the fact that the in-game speedometer and other forms of speed measurement either do not work or are at least inaccurate (example on YouTube). So if you compare this to your own observations, you will most likely get wrong results.

Explanation of the YouTuber Broughy on the calculation of the speeds - source

This is special: 6 of these cars are on the list because their rocket propulsion makes them so fast. Above all the Vigilante - The Batmobile in GTA Online. The cart is really fast, but it has poor handling. It takes some time to get the car under control with Boost.

The fastest cars by lap time: YouTuber Broughy tests cars in-depth in GTA Online. That's why he's also looking into how they can be driven on a racetrack instead of just going at top speed. To do this, he uses the same racetrack again and again and measures the time of the cars.

These are the front runners (via YouTube):

Special features of the Open Wheel: You can customize the vehicles of the open wheel series. This changes the value of the downforce. The lap times of the open-wheel vehicles change according to their downforce. Each then appears three times in the ranking. But that would make our table confusing. Here we briefly show you the lap times of the open-wheel vehicles with different DF (downforce) values.

  • BR8 (Mid DF) 0: 54.788
  • BR8 (Max DF) 0: 54.988
  • BR8 (Min DF) 0: 55.823
  • PR4 (Mid DF) 0: 56.424
  • PR4 (Min DF) 0: 56.591
  • PR4 (Max DF) 0: 58.258
  • DR1 (Mid DF) 0: 56.790
  • DR1 (Min DF) 0: 58.226
  • DR1 (Max DF) 0: 58.559
  • R88 (Mid DF) 0: 56.791
  • R88 (Max DF) 0: 58.126
  • R88 (Min DF) 0: 58.893

How expensive are the fastest cars?

Various sports cars are regularly offered at GTA Online. Here we show you the normal prices of all vehicles listed in the top lists.

Pegassi Tempesta:

  • Costs GTA $ 1,329,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

Bravado Banshee 900R

  • The basic model costs around 100,000 GTA $ to purchase, the upgrade to the 900R model then costs another 565,000 GTA $.
  • Dealer: The upgrade can be found in Benny's workshop

Impaler (Arena version)

  • Costs GTA $ 331,835 with no discount
  • Dealer: On the Arena Vehicles website

Declasse Scramjet

  • Costs GTA $ 4,628,400 with no discount
  • Dealer: Warstock Cache & Carry

Rocket Voltic

  • Costs GTA $ 3,830,400 with no discount
  • Dealer: Warstock Cache & Carry

Ocelot XA-21

  • Costs GTA $ 2,375,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

Dominator (Arena version)

  • Costs GTA $ 35,000 with no discount
  • Dealer: Website for Arena War

ZR 380 (Arena version)

  • Costs GTA $ 2,138,640 without a discount
  • Dealer: Website for Arena War

Imperator (Arena version)

  • Costs GTA $ 2,274,940 without a discount
  • Dealer: Website for Arena War

Pfister 811

  • Costs GTA $ 1,135,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

Överflöd Autarch

  • Costs GTA $ 1,955,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport


  • Costs GTA $ 1,420,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

If these speedsters are all too expensive for you and you prefer to look for vehicles suitable for beginners, then have a look here:

The 5 Best Vehicles for Beginners in GTA Online - Cars and Motorcycles

That's what makes these fastest cars so special

We want to introduce you to a selection of the fastest cars in GTA Online at this point.

  • The RE-7B which, as a lightweight, offers an interesting driving style
  • The Vigilante, which makes an impression as the fastest car with weapons and missiles
  • Den Vagner, a fast car with good handling
  • The Emerus as the fastest lap time car without rocket propulsion
  • The warrior who is ideally suited for stunt races with all-wheel drive
  • The R88 and PR4 formula cars

Do you know other fast vehicles that you would like to know more about? Let us know in the comments.


  • Costs GTA $ 2,475,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

This is what makes the RE-7B special: With its long-distance vehicle appearance, the Annis RE-7B stands out from many super sports cars. The car is competitive on the racetrack, and with its above-average top speed and acceleration it can keep up with, and even outperform, many cars.

Fun fact: The RE-7B is basically not street legal, because the number plates on the car are missing.

  • Good cornering at high speeds
  • High top speed and good acceleration
  • Special optics as a long-distance vehicle
  • Low weight means low traction
  • Weak in tight, slow turns
  • Low braking power
  • High price

Who should buy the RE-7B? The RE-7B is a car enthusiast. If you just want to buy a fast super sports car to win races, you should turn to Vagner.

Still, this car is fun on the road. The light construction often ensures that the wheels spin or simply have no grip.


  • Costs GTA $ 3,750,000
  • Dealer: Warstock Cache & Carry

This is what makes the Vigilante special: Visually, the car was modeled on Batman's Batmobile. The rocket engine in the rear of this car sets the vehicle apart and makes it the fastest car in the game. Without this drive the car would be quite lame and would only manage poor lap times.

Aside from the rocket propulsion, the car doesn't have great driving behavior that should be highlighted.

What is special is that in addition to the rocket drive, the car also has weapons such as rocket launchers and a machine gun.

  • Strong in short races with special cars (thanks to rocket propulsion)
  • Effective against other players with weapons on board
  • Defensive strength through rocket propulsion, with which you can quickly escape situations
  • Difficult driving behavior
  • Cannot practice his top speed in supercar races because the car is not qualified there

Who should buy the Vigilante? Every Batman fan needs this vehicle in their garage. The Vigilante is also aimed at playful gamers who like to create space on the street with guided missiles.


  • Costs GTA $ 1,535,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

This is what makes the Vagner special: The Dewbauchee Vagner even dwarfs some cars like the Rocket Voltic, which is equipped with rocket propulsion.

  • The Vagner masters race tracks with tight curves with flying colors
  • Good suspension and high contact pressure ensure controlled driving behavior
  • Relatively low price for the fact that the car is so fast
  • With stronger humps the stern breaks out easily
  • The acceleration is strong, but cannot keep up with the Tempesta or Osiris.

Who should buy the Vagner? Racing fans who use their time in GTA Online mainly for racing with super sports cars will enjoy the Vagner.


  • Costs GTA $ 2,875,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

This is what makes the warrior special: Even before its release in GTA Online, the warrior was eagerly awaited. The optics and the services advertised by Dataminers made fans prick up their ears. Together with the Emerus, the warrior should secure the top placement of the super sports cars that will be published in the casino update. And that is also the case.

The Krieger is about as fast as the Emerus, but is particularly convincing in races thanks to its stability. With the help of the all-wheel drive, you can safely maneuver around tight corners, even if you have to go fast. On top of that, the warrior is now the most expensive supercar in GTA Online. So if you want it, you have to dig deep into your pockets.

  • Stable driving style
  • Fast in races with tight corners
  • Forgive driving mistakes
  • Good for stunt racing
  • Extremely high purchase price
  • Little optical customization options

Who should buy the warrior? The warrior is for the people with bulging purses. No crazy rocket drive, no onboard projectiles and no jumping mechanics await you here. The car is a fast, expensive super sports car. With its 4 × 4 drive, it is suitable for racing drivers who want to be safer in the corners.


  • Costs GTA $ 2,750,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

This is what makes the Emerus special: The Progen Emerus is a bit faster than the Warrior, but only depending on the situation. Both cars will always be close together in races. The warrior usually wins the duels in tight corners, the Emerus then makes up for it in long corners.

The Emerus has rear-wheel drive, which makes it harder to tame around corners. What is special is that the Emerus is faster in races than the rocket-powered Scramjet.

  • Even puts the scramjet in the shade
  • As fast as the warrior, but cheaper
  • Is the second fastest supercar - the fastest without a rocket engine
  • Not good for stunt racing
  • Exciting driving behavior through rear-wheel drive

Who should buy the Emerus? The Emerus is suitable for players who like to play with a rear end breaking away in tight corners. Classic racetracks in particular are made for the Emerus. In stunt races with lots of humps and tight corners, the car has a harder time than the all-wheel drive warrior.

Lovers of fast super sports cars should definitely buy this car. If you like to drive classic races, this high-horsepower cart is for you.

Progen PR4 & Ocelot R88

  • Costs: PR4 $ 3,515,000 GTA, Ocelot GTA $ 3,115,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

This is what makes the car special: These two formula cars found their way into the game together with the new racetracks of the “Open Wheel Series”. The formula cars are an eye-catcher on the streets of GTA 5, something like this never before. They are equipped with a boost that is charged when braking.

Due to their design, the cars drive differently than super sports cars. The formula cars want to take tight corners at high speed and expect you to have optimal braking points and driving on the ideal line. You have to practice this driving style first if you are used to the chaotic races from GTA Online.

If you want to ram away your opponent, you may lose spoilers and lose a lot of handling.

  • Cool, new vehicle genre
  • Strong handling
  • Strong brakes
  • Boost, which is charged by braking
  • You cannot use weapons while driving
  • Damage results in poorer traction / handling

Who should buy the formula cars? For the formula fans among you, the cars should be a must buy. It is best to test it first in the open wheel series. If you like this new way of racing in GTA Online then hit it up.

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