Doesn't like ITZY Ryujin Yeji


"... so Jisung came here to ask if we might want to move in with our friends for this year. Yeji and so come hyunjin said." OMG that's really cool. A big smile formed on my face. " JAAAAA WHY DO YOU STILL ASK. " I would also like to get to know my brother's friends, I only know hyunjin and Chan, both are like my brothers especially Chan.

~ Timeskip ~

“So y / n we want to leave in two days. And we'll do a group later so don't you wonder? "Says Jisung and stands up to say goodbye." Bye Jisung was nice to meet you! " I said and hugged him. Then Minho brought him down and I went to my room. I'm bored ... I'll write to our group.


Y / n: Gayssss I'm bored !!!!
Ryujin🐧: Same here🙋‍♀️
Ryujin🐧: Come to us y / n!
(us because Yuna and Ryujin are siblings)
Y / n: Yes why not!
I just ask Minho!
Y / n: I can YAAAAY, he even drives me woohoo !!
Yuna😌💅: Jaaaaa y / n is coming !!
What about Yeji and Lia? Come on too.
Yeji💜: Yes, I can too, I don't feel like being with Hyunjin anymore. HE'S SO NERVY !!!!

Hi Leude, it's Hyunjin. How are you doing
Ryujin🐧: AHAHAHA did you take her cell phone away again?
Yeji💜: Yes haha ​​and she is howling around in front of the door that she wants her cell phone again, I locked me in the toilet: p
Y / n: Haha I swear I love you two😂❤️
Yeji💜: Thank you, I love myself too😌
Lia🤡💕: Pff ... in love with yourself as always😒😂
And yes I can come too!
Yeji💜: I'm giving Yeji her cell phone back now, so bye ladies😘
Ryujin🐧: Port
Lia🤡💕: Bye!
Yeji💜: Uff, I finally got my cell phone back
Y / n: People minho drives me so we can pick you up if you want
Yeji💜: Yeah would be very nice of you
Lia🤡💕: Yas pls!
Y / n: Ok, get ready, we'll be there in 10 minutes.
Yeji💜: Kk!
Lia🤡💕: Oki <3!

* End of chat *

I packed my things and then drove us with Minho.
Then we drove to Yeji and I see that Hyunjin comes into the car. Yeji has sat down next to me and Hyunjin opens it but suddenly we hear a scream. "AHHHHHHH !!!! MINHOOOOO !!!! MAKE IT AWAY !!!! THAT'S SO DISGUSTING !!!! "I knew immediately that it was Hyunjin. Uff ... he's such a drama queen." Ok, ok, I'll chill it off! It's just a fly, why are you so scared - _-?! " said Minho. Me and Yeji looked at each other briefly ... then we burst into laughter. "PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!" "BE QUIET, I DON'T LIKE THESE PETS !! WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT THAT ?!" "You're such a scaredy haha!" Laughed Yeji. "Shut up!" "Karma Bitch!" Yeji said. Hyunjin looked offended at the street and we laughed a little more and went to Lia. "Hey Hyunjin, why did you come with us?" I asked him "I'm staying at Minho's, we'll pick up Jisung and Chan in a minute!" he replied. "Aha ok."

We then arrived at Lia. "Hi guys!" She greeted us all.

"Hey, I have to go to the supermarket for a minute, me and Hyunjin get snacks for tonight, do you want something too?"
"Yes, please bring us some bags of chips and popcorn!" "Kk!"

When Minho and Hyunjin came back he took us to Yuna and Ryujin and then went to pick up the others with Hyunjin.

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