How are government agencies created

Government authorities

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Intelligence, defense, civil and state governments are one of the most common targets because they hold large amounts of personal information and intellectual property.

Protection of the population

With increasing state-funded attacks and increasing competition with the private sector for qualified security positions, tensions in government organizations are increasing. The good news is that you have help available to fill in any gaps so you can work confidently.

What the government industry needs to do

Protect yourself from advanced malware spread by organized cyber criminals and government sponsored groups.
Identify vulnerabilities in databases, networks and applications (including mobile devices).
Improve visibility and detection capabilities to discover malicious activity on devices and networks.
Quickly mitigate the impact of a security incident with a comprehensive incident response plan.
Case study

secure the vote

Learn how a major American city secured its electoral systems.

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Conquer already lost territory.

  • Strengthen your defenses

    Protect sensitive information through risk assessments (including those of third parties), prevention technologies and penetration tests.

  • Expand the visibility

    Continuously monitor systems and networks for signs of anomalies - both from insiders and external threats - and ensure that sensitive data remains confidential.

  • Increase security maturity

    Detect and investigate suspicious activity on end devices and increase preparedness and response to incidents (also with red team exercises) so that you are ready to react in the event of a crisis.

  • A security-focused approach to compliance

    Make progress in developing risks and standards to take a streamlined and strategic approach to compliance management.


With Trustwave, customers can take a holistic approach to security risk management and overcome resource bottlenecks with our longstanding support to government agencies. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Database security

Detect, evaluate and report misconfigurations, impermissible access controls and other vulnerabilities in databases.

Detect and respond to threats

Use our SOC experts to detect threats with log capture and SIEM services and to monitor your end devices and identify threats.

Proactive threat search

Search your network using cyberthreat intelligence, behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, and in-depth forensic analysis to identify ongoing attacks.

Digital forensics and incident response

Quickly determine the source, cause, and extent of a security breach. Then you can contain, eradicate, and investigate the incident, or take action by cementing your response before a security incident occurs.

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