Which is the smallest town in England

Wells: England's smallest town is also one of the most beautiful

What makes Wells so special? And when is the best time to visit the small town in the south of England? You will find the answers in our series "Dream place of the day"

Where is Wells?

Wells is in the heart of Somerset, England. The small town is ideal for a day trip by car, as Wells is only a good 30 kilometers away from both Bristol and Bath.

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What makes the small town special?

With only around 10,000 inhabitants, Wells is the smallest town in England, which does not mean that the place has little to offer. On the contrary: the medieval cityscape is shaped by the Wells Cathedral, also as St. Andrew's Cathedral known. With its mighty crossing tower, an ornate chapter house and the richly decorated west facade, the cathedral combines much that impresses us so much about the English Gothic to this day.

The first terraced housing estate in Great Britain adjoins the church building. As early as the 14th century, the Vicars ’Close built to accommodate church workers and clergymen. This is still the case today, which is why the picturesque ensemble of buildings is also the oldest continuously inhabited street in Europe.

Once you've had enough of old walls, you should definitely take a walk through the garden of the Bishop's Palace indulge. Here, too, the view falls on old stones, in the form of the ruins of the bishop's palace, but in the foreground are lush green areas, artfully laid out beds and water areas on which interesting reflections can be found.

When is the best time to visit Wells?

The pretty front gardens are in the spring and early summer months Vicars ’Close in full bloom. Even a stroll through the Bishop's Garden is most beautiful at this time of the year. But Wells is also worth a visit in winter. In the last days before Christmas Eve, a Christmas market opens its doors in the midst of the historical backdrop. In the Wells Cathedral In addition, numerous festive concerts take place in the run-up to Christmas, which are considered the highlight of the year.