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In the spotlight: Post Malone - Become a millionaire via Guitar Hero and Soundcloud

Is Post Malone the greatest chance success in the rap game?

He always looks like a sleepy dreamer. But the 21-year-old musician could become one of the great international newcomers of 2017.

Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, is said to have been the foundation of his entire career by chance. Why? I explain that here:

At 15 he learned to play the guitar through the video game "Guitar Hero" and YouTube videos. He later joined a hardcore band and YouTube game crew called TeamCrafted. At the same time, Malone is working on his first own tape with beats and raps. But nobody really wanted to hear that back then.

The White Iverson story

It didn't really get going until the beginning of 2015. Malone got to know the producer “1st” and the two of them started to make music together. Without a serious background, "just for fun". As a result, the song "White Iverson" was created. The track is actually not supposed to be released at all. In it he sings about the former NBA star Allen Iverson, whose similar cornrows he also wears on his head. Of course, the song somehow ends up on Soundcloud and lays the foundation for its breakthrough.

White Iverson - cloudy-wavy, still a fairly unspent style for this time, is rapidly beginning to get embarrassed by clicks. After the first million plays, a music video is shot and released via YouTube. Conclusion after about a year (2016): 42 million plays on Soundcloud and 150 million views on Youtube.

Money and the Fame

What follows? Of course, a signing. Where? Republic Records. How much? Endowed with 20 million euros. Next Step? Stadium tour as a pre-act by Justin Bieber.

Status quo, side facts and outlook

As a white rapper from Texas, it is not always easy for Post Malone. He uses all the obvious codes of the black subculture, wears braids and grillz. For some, this is a thorn in the side, which occasionally leads to disses. But that shouldn't really matter to him, because whoever has haters also has a lot of fans. He doesn't see himself as a “rapper” at all. But Malone is also difficult to classify. Maybe because he's at home in rap, but actually does what he wants. The result: a mix of hip-hop, soul and R&B - called “Sauce” by Malone.

Due to the fact that circumstances that should have destroyed Post Malone's entire career only made him bigger, he is also known as the Donald Trump of hip-hop. Among other things, this includes the rumor that his father should have bought 50,000 of his songs online. Goal: to push his son's career and place him in the charts.

Outlook: It is definitely not a one-hit wonder! With the single "Go Flex", in my opinion, he immediately followed suit. In December 2016 his decent debut album "Stoney" was released. Good sales figures (6th place in the US charts) and beats from the hottest producers of the moment put together a well-rounded package. If he goes a step further this year, he can make his international breakthrough.

By the way, as part of his European tour, he will be our guest in Germany in February. Tickets are available here.

My final word?Congratulations!


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