What are some life hacks for parents

100 ingenious life hacks for parents that will make your life easier

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Enough life hacks for the entire time from birth to graduation

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1. A strip of tape on the speaker will reduce the noise level from children's toys.

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Learned at mommingonpurpose.

2. Fasten a roll of wrapping paper over a frame so that your child can create a new masterpiece every day.

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3. Store plasticine cans in a coffee capsule rack - your child can easily find the color they want and it looks cool.

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You can find this and other organization tips on What's Up Moms.

4. Snow can be easily formed into blocks with a square plastic can.

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Build an igloo or a wall ... there are no limits to your imagination! Learned with michelle_ssb1.

5. If you put muffin tins on a popsicle from the bottom, the melted ice cream will not spill over your child's hand.

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6. Funny but true: a cucumber works the same way because it soaks up the juice.

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Learned at amandafromtx.

7. At lunch, you won't go wrong if you put the ketchup under the sausage in the hot dog instead of on top.

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From the book Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life with Kids.

8. If you want to hide your sweets from the kids, keep them in the empty packaging of something healthy.

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Sorry kids. Learned at pishposhbabydotcom.

9. Your child is constantly taking off their diaper (or themselves)? Try putting the romper on him with the fastener to the back.

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Learned from Greta Cheney.

10. The green of strawberries can be removed in seconds with a straw.

11. If your children are always looking for their shoes, attach such a rail right next to the front door.

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By beckylscott9.

12. Put up a "spy mirror" so you don't always have to go down the stairs to check on the kids.

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Learned at Redhead Can Decorate.

13. Frozen yogurt is great as a popsicle.

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14. No more refill bags for the diaper pail at hand? Try a trash bag instead.

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15. You can use a magnetic strip for kitchen knives to attach your child's toy cars to the wall.

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Learned at The Style Files.

16. With an adhesive hook on the high seat, you always have a bib to hand.

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17. With a pizza cutter, pancakes can be cut into child-bite-sized pieces.

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Learned at Cook and Craft Me Crazy.

18. The folds on the romper are there to be able to take it off DOWN. So you don't have to pull the part over your baby's head if a diaper has spilled.

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Much better than poop in your child's hair, right? Here you can see how to do it.

19. LEGO bricks can be easily sorted and tidied up in a shoe hanger.

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Learned at Kids Activities Blog.

20. Cut a sticker in half and stick the two halves in each of your child's shoes. So it always knows which shoe belongs on which foot.

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Learned at One Creative Housewife.

21. Wash baby socks in a laundry bag and none of them will be lost.

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Where are all these socks going to disappear? Learned at momhacks4everyday.

22. Lifting the triangles on the juice packs will make it easier for children to hold.

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23. If your child is afraid of monsters in the dark, make a "monster spray" to spray the room with before bed.

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To do this, you can use lavender body spray very easily and inexpensively - your child is calmed and the room smells good!

24. Put a changing shirt for you in the diaper bag so that you have everything under control if your baby spits on you on the way.

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25. A frozen sponge in a ziplock bag is an inexpensive cooling bag that can be lost from time to time.

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Learned at 1crazyhousetips.

26. If you stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the cup, nothing will spill so easily.

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A good replacement when no study cup is available.

27. In an empty tin box (e.g. mint candy), wax crayons can be stowed away for on the go.

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Learned with Naturally Blessed Mama.

28. After six hours in the freezer, a CapriSonne turns into a slushy that children love.

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After freezing, just cut the pack open at the top and serve the treat with a spoon. Learned with Girl. Inspired.

29. A shower rod and small plastic baskets can be used to create the perfect storage for your child's bath toys.

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30. Teats stay clean in the bag if you keep them in a portion cup.

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The ideal pretext to pick up something from the delicatessen counter.

31. Doll hair is easy to detangle when sprayed with a mixture of fabric softener and water.

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32. Eating healthy snacks is much more fun when served in an ice cube tray.

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Learned at the_not_so_perfect_mom_of_6.

33. You have misplaced something that you need? Turn it into a scavenger hunt for your kids.

This is how you can find your lost sunglasses again. By ruby1508.

34. If your child squeezes too much soap out of the dispenser, you can prevent this with a rubber band around the pump head.

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35. You can make a faucet extension out of an empty shampoo bottle so that your child can access the water.

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36. If your child has spilled tiny particles like glitter and sequins, they can be easily picked up with electrical tape.

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Learned at 7starcleaning.

37. Put a piece of kitchen paper in the pan before soaking it overnight, then the sticky crust can be easily wiped away the next morning.

38. Your child is picky about food? Paint funny faces on eggs to make them more appealing.

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Learned at amsuwi.

39. A watermelon is easier to eat if you cut it into small sticks.

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Learned at begley_fitness.

40. If water ice is placed upright in the freezer before freezing, it will cut open easily and cleanly.

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41. To prevent your child from wasting so much toilet paper, put a line with the words "You can't go past!" under the role.

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Learned at The Virtuous Wife.

42. Does your child paint and do handicrafts with full physical effort? Wrap your clothes in Press'n Seal cling film to keep them clean.

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Learned with Raddest Mom.

43. If your child has to wait in the doctor's office, have them drawn on the doctor's paper on the treatment table so they don't get bored.

But of course, ask the office hours assistant beforehand whether this is okay! Learned at parenting_with_peer_review.

44. Glitter can be picked up quickly with a lint roller.

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Learned at Real Simple.

45. You can turn a cardboard carrier for bottles or glasses into an ingenious "diaper carrier".

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Learned at ladbabyofficial.

46. ​​In an empty wet wipes box you can stow great children's snacks for on the go.

BuzzFeed.de © practicalparentingideas / Via instagram.com

It's the ideal size for children's hands and can even be expanded into a cool box by simply placing an ice pack in the bottom. Learned at practicalparentingideas.

47. So that you always know whether your child has already received his medicine, draw a calendar on the bottle and cross off the days.

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Learned at alanacvalentine.

48. You can entertain toddlers on a flight with gel stickers for the window.

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Learned at teachermama1138.

49. An impressive organizer for the bathroom can be created from building blocks that are no longer required.

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Learned at nguyen.jody.

50. Coffee filters can be converted into "snack bowls" for your children.

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They're the perfect size for a kid's serving and don't need to be washed off. Learned at narrdog.

51. You prevent a constant "I'm hungry!" With snack boxes in the pantry.

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Learned at princessandthepbaby.

52. Your child refuses to take his medicine? Dip a lollipop in the medicine and let it suck on. You do that until it's all gone.

BuzzFeed.de © billygoatbabygear / Via instagram.com

By billygoatbabygear.

53. Gently rub a handkerchief over your baby's face to make them fall asleep in less than 40 seconds.

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Every baby is different, so this tissue hack may not work on yours. Then instead, try gently massaging your baby's crown, forehead, and stomach.

54. With "breast milk suckling" the pain when teething and the hunger of your baby can be satisfied at the same time.

BuzzFeed.de © anwjohnston.blogspot.com

Find out how to do it here.

55. Gently pushing your baby's knees towards your chest helps relieve gas.

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You can find more ways to relieve gas here.

56. You can use the gift card trick to make sure that you don't lack the money to shop for gifts during Christmas.

BuzzFeed.de © mommawhipps / Via instagram.com

From mommawhips.

57. Diapers are easier to store when they are vacuum-sealed.

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This is a particularly good idea for holidays when space in the suitcase is limited.

58. Use a playpen cover to protect your baby from insect bites and too much sun outside.

BuzzFeed.de © littlebabywatson.com

From Little Baby Watson.

59. If your baby is not feeling well, a foot massage can help.

BuzzFeed.de © parakeetfeet.com

Some parents believe in reflex zones, others don't. However, if your baby is not doing well, you are probably ready to try anything.

60. The best time to cut your baby's nails is 20 minutes after he or she falls asleep.

BuzzFeed.de © Flickr: georgeatanassov / Via Creative Commons

Your baby will then sleep soundly, making it easier to cut their nails without fidgeting.

61. If you always have wet wipes and diapers in the trunk, you can quickly change your baby's diaper when there is an emergency.

BuzzFeed.de © Heather Spohr / BuzzFeed

At some point the day will come when you forget the diaper bag at home, but this precaution will save you from this situation.

62. Keep your toddler busy by having them “paint” the fence with water.

BuzzFeed.de © halamerola / Via instagram.com

A great activity for the summer that doesn’t make a mess. From halamerola.

63. Build a simple child lock for closet doors with hair ties.

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64. Marks of felt-tip pens and crayons can be removed from most surfaces with toothpaste.

BuzzFeed.de © Flickr: mjtmail / Via Creative Commons

65. If you attach your child's study cup to the child's car seat, you don't have to pick it up every time it is dropped.

BuzzFeed.de © wehaveaars.com

You can find out how to do this at We Have Aars.

66. A key ring on the zipper makes it easier for your child to close their jacket.

BuzzFeed.de © Flickr: 36226088 @ N02 / Via Creative Commons

67. When out and about, you can use a clothespin to keep your child's toothbrush upright so that it doesn't touch dirty surfaces.

BuzzFeed.de © girlshacks13 / Via instagram.com

68. You can use masking tape to put a racetrack for your child's toy cars on the carpet.

BuzzFeed.de © tmccrum_mua / Via instagram.com

69. A shoe hanger is great for tidying up your child's things in the car.

BuzzFeed.de © Decor-ganize Crafts

70. You can prevent your child from falling out of bed with a pool noodle and a fitted sheet.

BuzzFeed.de © toddlerhacks / Via instagram.com

71. Pool noodles are also amazingly useful when it comes to child-proofing a coffee table.