Why can I never be myself

Not being with yourself anymore

Not being with yourself anymore - that is a feeling that many people have these days. Not being with yourself anymore - that is also a reproach that others make. But what does that mean "no longer being with oneself"? And how can you be with yourself again?

No longer being with yourself - you can overcome that through self-confidence and trust in God

No longer being with oneself as an inner feeling of alienation

Many people have an inner sense of alienation. You don't feel yourself. You feel like you are not me. They don't know: who am I actually? What I want? What are my concerns?

Man has the need to belong. It is a special human ability to adapt to others, to do what is expected of one. But if that goes so far that you are no longer with yourself, then it can lead to apathy, even depression and suicidality. When you have the feeling that you are no longer with yourself, then it is time to switch off from everyday life and think about what is important to you.

Yoga and meditation as powerful methods to come back to yourself

Yoga, especially hatha yoga, helps you feel yourself. In a yoga class, you can forget about everything else. You feel your body, you feel your energies. By feeling yourself physically in this way, you also get access to yourself, to your deeper concerns.

Meditation helps to take a break from everyday life. You release yourself from all possible constraints, become an observer. This is how your inner voice reports, you learn more of what is deep within you.

Spiritual aspects of no longer being with oneself

The question is, of course: Who am I anyway? Because if you want to be with yourself, the question is: who do I want to be with? Sometimes the feeling of no longer being with oneself is a sign of spiritual awakening: What was important to you up to now is no longer. You ask yourself: what is the meaning of life? Now is the time to ask yourself deeper questions - and consciously walk the spiritual path.

No longer being with yourself as a reproach

Sometimes others accuse you of having to stay with yourself. Some people perceive well-intentioned criticism as a general attack and defend themselves against it by asking others to: stay with yourself.

Sometimes you also ask yourself: Should I no longer be with myself instead of reproaching others for giving unsolicited feedback?

Such questions are not always easy to answer. But it is very important to ask yourself such questions.

Ultimately, one can ask:

  • Why do I want to give criticism and feedback at all?
  • What do I want to do with it?
  • Will the other be able to accept it?
  • Is the way I do it really appropriate to do something good?

Overall, it's good to be with yourself, to work on yourself. However, that shouldn't cause you to become passive. Sometimes you have to get involved. Sometimes you have to be beside yourself. Retreat into the private sphere and self-criticism alone are not always enough: there is so much to achieve.

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