Can AAP become a major political party

Dirty Mask Deals? Can we also!

From today we will collect your money - and spend it again. For a change, not as pointless as usual (Kurds, court proceedings against Schäuble, FCKAfD stickers). We are currently buying FFP2 masks for 5,000 euros and distributing them to refugee and homeless shelters, food banks and other social institutions (which are not supplied by the Groko Haram). We would like to continue this campaign. With your donations.

We will not get rich from this - like some colleagues from the Union - but the people who have been forgotten by our Christian and social governments will get their chance of a minimum of social participation back. And the banal chance to get some food from a table.

And why should that be dirty now? The funny party financing law * subsidizes us for every euro donated to us. We can then use this to spend money on masks in addition to the donation amount. And since the pot is capped for the parties, we are reducing the pieces of the tax money cake for the CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens, the (fucking) AfD, etc. That is completely legal - in contrast to some of the practices of the politicians Union parties - but hurts the other parties (a little).

Please donate an amount of your choice ** with the subject "MasksFreeForAll" at:
The party
IBANDE20 430 609 67 400 440 1600
(GLS community bank)

The link to PayPal can be found here (they also collect donations, so it's better to use a bank transfer)

The campaign lasts until Easter, after which we buy the masks from reputable dealers and distribute them to institutions in Germany (UPDATE: Due to the great success we are extending the campaign until mid-April; we have already distributed tens of thousands of masks associated impressions on the Internet).

* Last artificially inflated by GrokoHaram to a total volume of over 190 million euros and is therefore currently being reviewed by the Federal Constitutional Report.
** From a donation of 100 euros, you will automatically receive a donation receipt from the PARTY. In the case of lower donations, an account statement is sufficient for the tax office as proof.