What is the plural of language

Plural (plural) of German nouns


Noun in Plural (Plural) in German the endings -n/-en, -e, -r/-he, -s have or be endless. Here you will find the rules for the German plural formation. Note, however, that there are many exceptions - it is therefore always better to learn the plural form of a noun right away. In the exercises you can test how well you master the plural.


Plural ending n / en

  • masculine nouns with the endings e, ent, other, ant, is, or
    the student - the Studducks
  • feminine nouns with the endings e, in, ion, ik, Ness, speed, shaft, ity, ung
    the Nation - the Nations

    Special feature of feminine nouns with the ending in: 'N' is doubled

    the teachersin - the teachersInside
  • For foreign words with the endings ma, around, us we usually replace the ending of the noun in the plural with en.
    the Thema - the Themen

Plural ending e

  • masculine nouns with the endings eur, I, ier, ig, ling, ör
    the friseur - the hairyour
  • many monosyllabic feminine nouns (plural with umlaut)
    the hand - the handse

Plural ending r / he

  • many monosyllabic neutral nouns (plural often with umlaut)
    the word - the wordhe
  • Note: Feminine nouns never form the plural r / he.

Plural ending s

  • masculine, feminine and neutral nouns with the endings a, i, O, u, y
    the Opa - The opas
    the autO - the autos
    the motheri - the motheris
    the hobby - the hobbys
  • Surnames
    the Lehmanns (= the Lehmann family)

No plural ending

  • masculine nouns with the endings el, en, he
    the spoonel - the spoonel
  • neutral nouns with the ending chen, lone
    the girlchen - the girlschen

Singular or plural

  • We can use most nouns in the singular and plural.
    the banknote - the banknotes
    the coin - the coins
  • We usually only use some nouns in the singular.
    the money, the hunger, the milk

    There is the plural “the money”, but with a different meaning.

  • We use some nouns only in the plural.
    the parents, the people, the holidays