Is it bad that people mock me?

Translation of "mock" in spanish

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burlarse de
It is not yours to do, Charles to mock.
I wish she were here just for the entertainment to mock.
Me encantaría que estuviera aquí solo para burlarse de esa conversación.
I agree with my colleague, Mrs Podimata, that people should now stop accepting Greece in this way to mock.
Coincido con mi colega, la señora Podimata, en que deberíamos dejar de ridiculizar a Grecia de este modo.
Percy Tate is a brilliant mind and you to mock him.
Percy Tate tiene una mente brilliant, y tú te burlas de él.
You can me to mockas much as you want.
Your subjects will doubt you, you to mock.
Tus súbditos empezarán a dudar de ti, a burlarse de ti.
Is that supposed to intimidate us? to mock?
¿Se supone que debe intimidarnos, burlarse de nosotros?
Why do you always have to do everything to mock?
You leave her in July to mockwho may be dead?
Permits que se burlen de July, y no sabemos si está vivo.
Did they tell your wife to see their laird to mock?
¿Y acaso la familia de su esposa lo alentó a burlarse de su señor?
She comes back every Halloween, and that's just for the living too to mock and laughing at her behind her back.
Ella regresa cada Noche de Brujas para burlarse de los vivos ... y para reírse de ellos a sus espaldas.
What if I should miss the chance to see this madness up close to mock?
¿Qué, y perder la oportunidad de burlarse de esta locura?
These two use words like crooks, they to mock us.
Esos dos utilizan palabras como embaucadores, se están burlando de nosotros.
Don't use me to be your father to mock.
She does it to me too to mock.
I wouldn't to mock, Jill.
Wear the fucking clothes for all of us to mock.
Poniéndonos esta ropa para que todos se burlen.
you to mock the land and the crown.
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