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What is laser eye surgery: ReLEx SMILE, Femto-LASIK, PRK

Lasikwelt is one of the leading eye laser centers in Germany. With us you get one Laser eye treatment at the highest level. In our practice at Herzogstrasse 32, which is centrally located in Cologne's city center, our team, specially trained in laser vision correction, and our highly experienced surgeons work on optimal treatment results for our patients.

With our extensive advice, we ensure that we select the best treatment method for you. The numerous positive reviews reflect the high level of patient satisfaction that our work generates. The costs of eye laser treatment are also affordable.

At the Lasikwelt laser eye center we offer you:

  • The most modern technologies in laser eye treatment: ReLEx SMILE, FemtoLasik and Presbyond Laser Blended Vision, which make wearing reading glasses largely unnecessary
  • Specially trained and experienced eye laser surgeons who are leading in their field and are included in the KRC list and have committed themselves to complying with the KRC's recommendations for quality assurance
  • Strict attention to detail with world class results
  • High service awareness with very personal and individual support
  • Transparent & fair prices and financing options

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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

In the Laser eye surgeryAlso known as “laser vision correction”, it is a surgical procedure on the eye in which the corneal surface is remodeled using a laser in order to permanently correct visual defects.

What types of laser eye surgery are there?

The term "Laser eye surgery", Also under the technical name"Refractive surgery”Known, serves as a generic term for laser surgical procedures with which the well-known visual defects such. B. nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected in order to reduce or even end the dependence on glasses and / or contact lenses.

The refractive surgical procedures have been further developed and perfected in the last 20 years so that they are used today

  • if the indication is correct
  • detailed diagnostics before the operation
  • in choosing the most suitable procedure for each individual
  • when using state-of-the-art devices and lasers (with Lasik-Welt: Zeiss Visumax 500)
  • as well as the detailed advice and education of the patients

can represent a fully-fledged alternative to glasses and contact lenses (source: VSDAR).

Currently represents ReLEx SMILE the world's most widespread and most sophisticated laser treatment method to correct refraction errors. The achieved Results are proven to be better than with the other methods, kick at the same time fewer side effects on. However, there are other types of laser eye surgery such as Femto-LASIK, LASEK or PRK, which could be suitable for you depending on the circumstances of your eyes and your living conditions.

Laser eye surgery is a simple procedure that, depending on the type and degree of visual impairment that is to be corrected, only takes a few seconds to a few minutes and produces really remarkable results: you will be amazed at your significantly improved eyesight after the OP!

A laser beam corrects small irregularities on the corneal surface so that you can see more clearly and sharply. The overwhelming majority of patients are amazed at how quickly they recover from the procedure and how early they can enjoy a new life without glasses or contact lenses.

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

More than 90 percent of people who want to undergo laser eye treatment are also suitable for it. So it is very likely that this also applies to you! So don't hesitate any longer and make an appointment for a free quick check at LASIKWELT to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for an eye laser operation.

Aftercare & healing process

The follow-up examinations, which are completely free of charge and tailored to your individual needs, start on the day of your procedure. We will periodically review your healing process to ensure that it is progressing as expected. Here at LASIKWELT, specialized opticians and experienced surgeons are always at your disposal when it comes to providing you with advice and assistance on all aspects of vision and eye health after laser surgery.

Cost for a Laser eye surgery - The 5 most important questions:

1. Will I receive first class treatment?
2. Are there any hidden costs?
3. Are there any costs for the follow-up examinations?
4. Do you offer the possibility of financing?
5. Do you offer a completely transparent pricing structure?

The history of refractive surgery

Pallikaris excimer laser - © Philos2000 - CC BY-SA 3.0

Refractive surgery is a collective term for many eye operations in which the refractive power of the eye is changed. The change in refractive power means that the patient no longer needs glasses or contact lenses after the treatment. Refractive surgery is a very safe method of relieving the patient from low or high ametropia.

The history of refractive surgery began in the 20th century, to be precise in the early 1930s. At this time, corneal modeling studies were recorded for the first time. However, in the early days there were still very frequent complications during and after the operation, for example the cornea often scarred. From 1978 onwards, refractive surgery was used more frequently in the USA, and in 1983 the correction was carried out for the first time with an excimer laser. The first treatment on a person was then carried out in 1987 by Theo Seiler at the University Hospital of the Free University of Berlin with a photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). In the following years the method was further developed and thus the LASEK was developed. From around 1989, the keratomileusis was combined with the excimer laser by Loannis Pallikaris and this resulted in LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) (source: Doi / Wiley). Since then, the number of eye laser treatments per year has continued to grow. Up to 130,000 LASIK operations take place every year.

Laser treatment can be used for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. A visual defect occurs when the focal point in the eye is not on the retina in order to reproduce a sharp image there. This applies, for example, to myopia, where the eye is built a little too long and the focal point is now in front of the retina. With farsightedness it is exactly the other way around, the eyeball is a little too short and the focus of the eye is behind the retina. During the laser treatment, the cornea of ​​the eye is modeled in such a way that the focal point and retina lie on top of each other again. Another method is to have the natural lens of the eye replaced by an artificial lens to get away from the glasses. Back to the LASIK method: there, the tissue of the cornea is ablated with the excimer laser to enable the patient to see without glasses. There are now various methods of correcting ametropia, on the one hand there is LASIK with a microkeratome, in which a blade prepares a semicircular lamella from the top layer of the cornea. Another method is FemtoLASIK, in which the lamella is no longer prepared with the blade, but with a laser. A completely new procedure is the ReLEx SMILE, in which only a small incision is made by the laser on the cornea and a tissue lamella is extracted through this small incision.

More about the Lasikwelt laser eye center in Cologne

With the experience of over 2,000 successful eye laser operations that are carried out in our center every year, we have achieved the status of a “Center of Excellence” for eye laser treatments. The many years of experience and great competence of our team of doctors and staff in the field of laser eye surgery, our careful way of working, the state-of-the-art equipment of our lasers and other devices, as well as the operating rooms, and the excellent examinations of our patients with high-tech devices - all these aspects have contributed to the fact that we can show excellent treatment results in our eye laser center.

If you come from outside of Cologne for your laser eye treatment, you might be able to visit one or the other of the sights of this beautiful city. Here are a few tips:

  1. Climb to the top of Cologne Cathedral
    Climb the 509 steps to Cologne Cathedral - the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second tallest building in Cologne - and enjoy the impressive view over the city. It takes an hour to get to the top but the panoramas make it worth it. If you are afraid of heights, you can visit the treasury for € 4 or just visit the impressive church for free.
  2. Visit the Chocolate Museum
    Visit the Cologne Chocolate Museum in the Rheinauhafen with a view of the old town to get to know a real Willy Wonka life and enjoy an edible experience. Learn all about the history of cocoa and the process that turns these beans into delicious chocolate bars.
  3. Make your own perfume
    From the Rhine to bottle fragrances: Cologne is famous for its water. You could just pick a bottle of cologne off the shelf in a perfumery, but why not create your own unique formula for a highly personalized fragrance? Visit the main 4711 store and learn about the history of the city's famous export. Create your own fragrance in one of their workshops: every Thursday from 3 p.m.
  4. Shops in the Belgian Quarter
    For big brands and designer shops, go to Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse, Cologne's two main shopping streets. But if you're looking for unique jewelry and vintage bargains, head to the Belgian Quarter, where a variety of individual boutiques can be found in winding houses where items are presented by some of the city's most talented fashion talents.
  5. Celebrate the Cologne Carnival
    The Cologne Winter Carnival, also known as the “fifth season”, is one of the largest in Europe. Starting on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and a full week, the crazy days of Carnival are celebrated with street parades and parties in the city's squares and pubs, which have longer opening times during the festivities. Colorful marches and flocks of costumed night owls culminate in the Rose Monday parade with three symbolic figures, the prince, the farmer and the maiden.
  6. Meeting point in the Rheinauhafen
    Proudly located on the banks of the Rhine not far from the city center, the Rheinauhafen is home to a number of trading offices, private houses, shops, restaurants and cafes. Particularly noticeable are the three crane houses or crane towers, which soar 60 meters into the sky and have become an iconic part of Cologne's skyline. Stay in the heart of this ultra-modern neighborhood in the four-star Art’Otel - enjoy the spa or spend time looking at the bold collages by Korean artist SEO that are permanently on display in the hotel's public areas.