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Self-employment in Spain - this is how it works

Miles of fine sandy beaches, a breathtaking landscape and culinary delights - who doesn't dream of living where others go on vacation? Do you also have this long-cherished wish? Then Spain could be the perfect choice. But before you can emigrate, you should first think about your future job.
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Your own business in Spain

Many emigrants prefer to be self-employed. For example, you open a restaurant, a diving school or a hotel. For example, Andalusia offers ideal conditions. Because more and more tourists are drawn to this attractive holiday region in Spain. But which steps are required for self-employment in Spain and how do you become successful?

Applying for the NIE

Every EU citizen who wants to stay in Spain permanently must first apply for a foreigner identification number. You can get the Número de Identificación de Extranjero, or NIE for short, from the Aliens Police or National Police. There you enter yourself in the register for EU foreigners. In order to be able to fill out the relevant form, you must present a valid passport or identity card. You will then be assigned the NIE, which is also the Spanish tax number.

Registration with the tax authorities

If you want to start your own business in Spain, you need to register for business tax at the Spanish tax office. In the course of this, you will receive the payment notification for the trade tax. You also have to register with social security. This is done via the social security office.

Creation of a business plan

In order to test whether your idea can really be implemented, you should definitely create a business plan. With its help, you can identify possible problems in your structure at an early stage and look for a solution to them. So be careful when creating it. Because this lays the basis for your existence. A solid business plan must contain the following aspects:

  • Summary of the business idea
  • Financing plan
  • Target group analysis
  • Market analysis
  • aims

Determination of the capital requirement

If you want to become self-employed, you of course need a certain amount of start-up capital. You should determine its height as realistically as possible. Take into account that you may not make any profits in the initial phase or that you may even incur losses. Therefore, draw up a detailed financing plan and take into account the following expenses, among other things:

  • Fixed costs
  • Material and production costs
  • Basic equipment
  • Personnel costs
  • Permits and Licenses

Organization of accounting and co.

Even if your core business is different, you must under no circumstances neglect the office activities that arise. Because these contribute decisively to the success of your independence. You can only keep track of your financial situation and act quickly if necessary if you do this thoroughly. You can use special software solutions to make the tasks that arise easier. There are options for bookkeeping or inventory management, for example. For example, you can manage all of your orders with a professional invoicing program. It also happens that customers are behind with their payment. Then a payment reminder or a reminder are due.

How to become permanently successful:

A good idea alone is not enough to be able to be successful with your self-employment in Spain. Because the competition is fierce - especially in the tourism sector. That's why you should stand out from the competition. A good knowledge of Spanish is the basis for success. Without this, you will often not get very far when dealing with authorities and the like. Of course, you shouldn't neglect a well thought-out marketing concept either. Draw attention to yourself - this is the only way you can win new customers and ultimately ensure long-term sales and success.

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