Why do people mean they look confident

10 things confident women do differently

We're not shy, neither are we squeamish. But a little more self-confidence never hurts. So we learned a few tricks from strong women. 10 things confident women do differently:

1. You don't want to swap with anyone and you know it

Nadine has the nicer legs, Christina deserves more, Anna dances so enchantingly and Elena married the man who actually suits you much better. So what? Confident women don't constantly compare themselves to others. They know: in sum, they would never exchange their life for any other. Most people do. You just have to remember from time to time that you are overall very satisfied.

2. You don't even try to be "Everybodys Darling"

Everybodys Darling is Everybodys Dachshund. Old rule that has lost none of its truth. If you try to please everyone, in the end you are just a transfer of yourself. It is better to leave it alone. The people who stand by their rough edges are really popular.

3. You take space

Confident women don't wonder if they are right where they are. They take the place they deserve. You can already tell from their body language: Most of the time, self-confident people gesticulate so expansively that they prefer to keep a distance of half a meter. The room is theirs, after all. So what?

4. You keep your composure

Maintaining posture is not just a question of the body. Self-confident people usually straighten themselves physically, but they don't hump in discussions either. And even if everyone has a different opinion. With self-confidence, your own loyalty is enough.

5. They are not chameleons

While people with low self-esteem are constantly trying to figure things out and adapt, confident people are all to themselves. You are completely yourself in every situation. If that doesn't suit the other, that's their problem.

6. You don't have to keep stressing what you can and what you have

So yesterday, XY had a coffee with Robbie Williams. Then she went to this mega-hip party. It was crazy, especially when you are invited by men all evening because you looked so gorgeous ... Well ... That was probably due to XY's incredible self-confidence that she found in herself in this yoga seminar. Says XY. What do we say about it? Poor woman! She found nothing at all. Because women who are really confident don't talk about it. They also don't talk about how horny they are for having coffee with Robbie Williams or looking gorgeous. They just don't need to.

7. Don't blame yourself for failure or flaws

A few pounds too much after all on vacation? Didn't have time to put on makeup today? Unfortunately, the job didn't go to us today? Who should bother if not us? Self-confident women can cope with defeat and flaws. After all, they belong to them. Then how are they supposed to be bad?

8. You're not trying to be perfect

Perfectionists have a hard time with themselves. Because humanity in and of itself is not exactly compatible with the claim to be perfect. Self-confident women sometimes let fives be and don't get annoyed with themselves all the time. Then they laughed very loudly tonight. Then they just had stupid hair. So what?

9. You surround yourself with people who empower you

Energy vampires are weeded out by confident women. Because it's worth it to surround yourself with great people. The whole thing is then a great upward spiral, for which you don't have to do much. Because it does a lot to you when you surround yourself with positive people. By the way, that often happens all by itself when you are at peace with yourself. Because like attracts like.

10. You stand up for yourself

Every woman who stands up for herself stands up for all women. Confident women do this all the time and are not ashamed of it either. They know what they are worth and what they deserve. Be it at work, in a relationship or at the bakery counter. Those who treat self-confident women badly meet their inner lioness. And she has the talent. ROOOAAAAR!