What are some motivating classical music pieces

Music for learning: the perfect sound for more motivation

Tick ​​tock, rustling, crackling

Learning at home can be really exhausting: in a shared apartment Basically, someone always rushes to the door come in to tell you unimportant gossips about unimportant people (which you willingly listen to anyway because anything is better than memorizing boring statistical formulas). It's no better at home either, because Mom knocks every half hourto inquire about how you are feeling: "Snacks? What sweets? Have you had enough to drink? Phew, you should ventilate again."

But also the Silence in the bib can become unbearable, so that every click, every page turning, every bubbling water bottle seems infinitely loud. So only one thing helps: that put on headphones. But what is the best music to listen to for studying?

It's a shame: Mozart doesn't make you smart

When asked which music is the right one for learning, they go Opinions still differ. The only thing that is certain is that "Mozart Effect" does not make us smarter, as was suggested by researchers at the University of California in the early 1990s. At least it could have positive effects on that spatial imagination, which the researchers ascribed to listening to Mozart's symphonies at the time, cannot be confirmed in subsequent experiments.

The right pace for every discipline

Do you believe that? Behavioral scientist Dr. Emma Gray from the British CBT & Counseling Service, different pieces of music are suitable for different disciplines. It depends on whether you are more likely to learn the left (logic), or right brain hemisphere (creativity) claim. Depending on the subject that is being studied for, the researcher recommends songs different speed (Beats per minute).

To assess: Our body is involved 72 (heart) beats per minute - everything above it has a stimulating effect on us, everything below 72 beats has a calming effect on us. The researcher used this logic a few years ago a separate Spotify playlist for each subject created with songs she deems particularly suitable for learning.

Natural sciences

According to Gray, can classical music certainly help when learning logical subjects. Because for organic, physics or maths We use our left brain hemisphere - and, according to the British researcher, this is best achieved through classical music pieces with a Speed ​​from 50 to 80 beats stimulated per minute.


All that for artistic subjects the behavioral scientist recommends fast-paced songs with one Speed ​​around 145 beats per minute to the heart. They should have a particularly stimulating effect on the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for our creative processes.


The perfect sound for Humanities scientist - So everyone who is artistically creative as well as logically and analytically challenged - Gray places between them 80 and 145 bpm a.

Find your own beat

If classical music makes you more aggressive than getting you into the right learning flow, or if you would like to run away screaming from Katy Perry, you can of course follow the principle of Emma Gray create your own playlist. Under www.songbpm.com/ can you songs filter by the number of beats pick out tracks at the right speed. Because even if you don't have to listen to your absolute favorite songs to learn: In the end, you have to like the perfect music for learning, of course.

Learning with music - 5 tips at a glance

  • Create one in advancePlaylist. Otherwise, you'll keep getting distracted from studying because you have to look for new songs.
  • Don't make the music too loud. It is optimal if the music is like some kind of "White noise" running in the background.
  • If you get tired, you can stimulating songs Shake you up again at a speed of over 72 beats per minute.
  • If music distracts you too much from studying, give it a try Nature sounds like the sound of waves or raindrops.
  • Listen to the music that is playing to study, also in the evening again in bed or shortly before the exam. If you are lucky, the last gray cells will be reactivated again.