Did St. Francis pray the rosary?




Dear brothers and sisters,

the month of May is already approaching, in which the people of God especially express their love and veneration for the Virgin Mary. It is custom during this month to pray the Rosary in the family home. The restrictions of the pandemic have “forced” us to bring out the domestic aspect, also from a spiritual point of view.

I would therefore like to invite everyone to rediscover how wonderful it is to pray the Rosary at home in May. You can do this together or for yourself personally; consider both options and decide which is better around you. In any case, there is a secret to how to do it: in simplicity. And it's easy to find good prayer templates to follow - even on the Internet.

I also offer you the texts of two prayers to the Blessed Mother, which you can pray at the end of the rosary and which I will pray with you in spirit in the month of May. I am attaching them to this letter so that they will be available to all.

Dear brothers and sisters, if we contemplate the face of Christ together with the heart of Mary our Mother, it will unite us ever more deeply as a spiritual family and help us to overcome this trial. I will pray for you, especially those who suffer the most, and you will pray for me please. I thank you and I bless you from the bottom of my heart.

Rome near St. John Lateran on April 25, 2020, the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist



Prayer 1

O Maria,
you always shine on our way
as a sign of salvation and hope.
We trust in you, salvation of the sick,
who were united under the cross with the pain of Jesus
and have firmly kept your faith.

You, salvation of the Roman people,
know what we need.
We are sure,
that you will make sure
that as at Cana in Galilee
Joy and happiness may return
after this period of testing.

Help us, mother of divine love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and do what Jesus will tell us to do
who took our suffering upon himself
and has borne our pain
around us through the cross
to lead to the joy of resurrection. Amen.

We flee under your protection and protection, O holy Mother of God.
Do not disdain our prayer in our troubles,
but deliver us at any time from all dangers,
O glorious and blessed virgin.


Prayer 2

"We flee under your protection and protection, O holy Mother of God."

In this dramatic situation full of suffering and fears that oppress the whole world, we turn to you, O Mother of God and our mother, and seek refuge under your protection and umbrella.

O Virgin Mary, in this coronavirus pandemic, turn your merciful eyes on us and comfort all who mourn and weep for their loved ones who have passed away, who have at times been buried in a soul-hurting manner. Support all who fear for the sick, whom they cannot be close to because of the risk of infection. Give confidence to those worried about the uncertain future and the economic and labor implications.

Mother of God and our mother, pray for us to God, the merciful Father, that this hard test will come to an end and that hope and peace will appear again on the horizon. As in Cana, intercede for us with your divine Son so that the families of the sick and the dead may be comforted and that they may regain trust in their hearts.

Protect the doctors, nurses, health workers, and volunteers who are on the front lines of this emergency and risking their lives to save others. Accompany their heroic endeavors and give them strength, goodness and health.

Be with those who care for the sick day and night and help the priests who, with pastoral zeal and gospel dedication, try to help and support everyone.

Holy Virgin Mary, enlighten the minds of scientists so that they can find suitable solutions to fight the virus.

Help the leaders of the nations to exercise wisdom, care and generosity and, with vision and in a spirit of solidarity, through social and economic programs to help all those who lack what is necessary for life.

Holy Mary, touch your conscience so that the vast sums of money invested in the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated weapon systems can be used for adequate research to avoid similar disasters in the future.

O beloved mother, let the feeling of belonging to the one big family grow in the world in the awareness of the bond that unites us all so that we can remedy the manifold poverty and situations of misery in a spirit of fraternity and solidarity. Strengthen us so that we may stand firm in faith, have perseverance in service, and persevere in prayer.

O Mary, comforter of the afflicted, take your troubled children in your arms and get God to intervene in his omnipotence to free us from this terrible epidemic, so that life can resume its normal course carefree.

We entrust ourselves to you, who shine on our way as a sign of salvation and hope. O gracious, o mild, o sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.