How often should we replace water bottles

Bottle feeding hygiene

Hygiene when handling infant formula

Ready-made infant formula from the trade is produced with a very high standard of hygiene. In order to obtain this, please observe the following hygiene instructions for handling the bottled milk:

  • Only use drinking water freshly taken from the tap. Let the water run out until it flows cold out of the tap. Only then can you remove the required amount and heat it up to prepare the milk. If you use mineral water approved for baby food, keep the opened water bottles in the refrigerator and boil this water beforehand if you are going to use it again.
  • Keep opened milk powder packaging tightly closed and in a dry place. The powder should not get wet.
  • With all due care, bacteria can multiply in milk. Therefore, do not prepare bottles in advance, always only prepare the required amount immediately before the meal. Don't forget to wash your hands beforehand.
  • Even when you are out and about or at night, you should not store ready-made bottle food in warming containers. It is better to take boiled water in a thermos bottle and the right amount of powder in the boiled bottle separately.
  • Leftovers from finished milk must not be reused. Pour them away immediately.