What does Social Security Disability Insurance pay?

Contribution to the cost of hearing aids

How much does the health insurance company pay?

Certain supplementary health insurance policies also make a contribution towards the cost of hearing aids at regular intervals. It is worth checking with your health insurance company to see if subsidies are paid for hearing aids and hearing aids. Depending on the health insurance, the health insurance benefits for hearing aids vary enormously.

If you choose a model in the higher price segment, the subsidy from your social security will be offset against the price actually to be paid. Our experienced employees on site will be happy to inform you about the services you are entitled to and help you fill out the application forms.

IV cost sharing for hearing aids

The hearing aid will be covered by IV
Monaural (1 hearing aid): CHF 840.–
Binaural (2 hearing aids): CHF 1,650.–

The IV will assume the costs of batteries
CHF 40.– per hearing aid per calendar year

Cost sharing for repairs by IV
The following contributions apply from the 2nd year of operation:

  • Electronic damage: CHF 200.– per hearing aid per calendar year
  • All other damage: CHF 130.– per hearing aid per calendar year

Prerequisite for the cost sharing by the IV

  • Initial expertise from the ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT)
  • Total hearing loss of at least 20%

Frequency of assumption of costs
Every 6 years

AHV co-payment for hearing aids

AHV contribution for the hearing aid
Monaural (1 hearing aid): CHF 630.–
Binaural (2 hearing aids): CHF 1,237.50

The AHV will pay the costs for batteries
No assumption of costs

Contribution to costs for repairs by the AHV
No assumption of costs

Condition for the cost sharing by the AHV

  • Initial expertise from the ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT)
  • Total hearing loss of at least 35%

Frequency of assumption of costs
Every 5 years

Professional advice and support, optimal fitting and perfect Amplifon service from trained hearing care professionals - these three points are particularly important to us. In addition, our employees are at your side with their in-depth knowledge before, during and after the purchase.

Am I entitled to reimbursement of costs?

AHV criteria

You are entitled to an AHV contribution towards the purchase of a hearing aid if:

  • You live in Switzerland.
  • There is a medically determined hearing problem.
  • You are already receiving a retirement pension or supplementary benefits (EL) or have reached retirement age.

You can make use of this entitlement at most every 5 years. The condition is that the hearing aid clearly enables better communication with other people.

The external part of implantable and bone-anchored devices (cochlear implants, BAHA, Soundbridge) is equivalent to a hearing aid. If such a device is medically necessary instead of a hearing aid, the AHV can contribute to the costs for the external part.


If you are drawing a retirement pension and are already receiving disability insurance contributions for a hearing aid, you are still entitled to IV benefits.

Before you buy a new hearing aid, you need to be examined by a specialist. The doctor determines the hearing problem and makes an expertise. Inquire at your IV office who is recognized and listed as a specialist. No contributions to hearing aids will be paid out without expertise and appropriate forms. The AHV requires that there is a total hearing loss of 35%. On this basis, a decision is made as to whether you are also entitled to reimbursement of costs from IV (disability insurance).

If you are receiving an AHV pension and / or have already retired, the AHV will pay the costs for your hearing aid. Nevertheless, the IV office is your point of contact for questions about hearing aids.

Do i need a new hearing aid?

If you have been wearing a hearing aid for a long time, find out about the latest hearing aid models now. The possibilities of modern technology are making enormous advances and can significantly improve the listening experience and thus social life. It helps that AHV and IV pay a relatively high contribution to your new hearing aids at regular intervals. Make an appointment at one of the Amplifon branches near you.

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