Are lubricating eye drops safe

The special thing about HYLO COMOD® moisturizing eye drops

The classic, tried and tested many times

HYLO COMOD® Eye drops provide long-lasting and efficient help with dry eyes. The effective and excellently tolerated properties of the moisturizing drops have already proven themselves many times over: HYLO COMOD® is the most widely used eye moisturizer in Germany.

Especially with moderate to moderate symptoms of dry eyes HYLO COMOD® moisturizing eye drops are excellently suited. With the ingredient Sodium hyaluronate the drops offer an optimal Humidification the sensitive surface of the eye, so that typical symptoms such as redness, burning sensation and the feeling of foreign bodies subside quickly.


For dry and tired eyes with a grain of sand feeling

If the eye lacks tear fluid, which covers the surface of the eye like a film, this can lead to a feeling of dryness, itching or burning, rapid symptoms of fatigue or a scratchy feeling in the eye. According to expert estimates is every sixth affected by dry eyes in Germany.

In addition to many other factors, this can be due to low humidity, the use of various medications and computer work. Because while the eyes concentrate on the screen work, there is much less blinking and therefore only the eye insufficiently wetted with tear fluid. HYLO COMOD® Moisturizing eye drops are precisely tailored to the needs of dry eyes and have proven themselves for many sufferers for years.

HYLO COMOD® is also for Contact lens wearers very suitable. The eye drops support the damaged natural tear film by creating an even and stable film of moisture on the surface of the eye. This protects the eye from dehydration - a common side effect when wearing contact lenses - and the associated complaints for a long time.


HYLO COMOD®: free from preservatives and phosphates

The effect of HYLO COMOD® is based on the ingredient sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, the one very good tolerance having. The clear liquid does not affect the view.

HYLO COMOD® Moisturizing eye drops are characterized by two special properties:
They contain neither preservatives nor phosphate buffers and are therefore particularly safe and tolerable. Because preservatives can damage the tear film and even cause allergies. By replacing phosphate buffer with citrate buffer, the risk of calcium phosphate deposition on the cornea and the associated significant impairment of eye function is also eliminated.