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Study: Psychopaths like Justin Bieber music

Study Reveals: Psychopaths Like Justin Bieber Music

As is well known, one can argue about taste in music. Some love Justin Bieber, others just find his music terrible. A study now wanted to show which music is more likely to be heard by psychopaths and which not. And Justin Bieber seems to be right at the top!

The psychology professor Pascal Wallisch and his student Nicole Leal from New York University wanted to find out what music people with psychopathic personality disorder listen to with his experiment. For this purpose, 190 students were examined.

Psychopaths love music by Justin Bieber and Eminem

A test should first find out how much empathy the students have and how manipulative they are. To do this, they had to evaluate statements and answer questions.

In the end, they got songs played and had to rate them on a scale. The surprising result: Especially Eminems "Lose yourself", Justin Biebers"What do you mean" and Blackstreets "No Diggity" were especially popular with students who had the highest tendency towards psychopathy.

Do psychopaths not listen to classical music, do they?

Actually rather unusual - after all, films in particular show us that classical music is more appealing for psychopaths (and they don't even sing). Why exactly these songs were so popular with students with a penchant for psychopathy is unclear to the scientists. Therefore, according to the Washington Post, the results were passed on to the Society for Neuroscience.